Messengers vs social networks vs ... - Continuation

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    Today, on the last day of the existence of our blog on Habré, we decided to announce the full launch of the previously announced project.

    And of course, we were inspired by the information that Reddit killed the monster bypassed the popularity of Facebook in the United States alone.

    Several years ago, researchers made a direct analogy between the spread of Facebook and how a viral disease spreads.
    According to experts from Princeton University in the United States, over the next few years, the world's most popular social network will lose about 80 percent of its users.

    These conclusions, researchers Joshua Speckler and John Cannarella came by comparing the dynamics of the development of the social network MySpace with statistics on the spread of infectious diseases.

    As information about the popularity of MySpace, Speckler and Cannarella used the statistics of search queries containing the name of the social network. The MySpace site was created in 2003, the peak of traffic to the resource was in 2008, and in 2011 the popularity of the social network almost disappeared.

    To study the experts used a modified model of the spread of infectious diseases - irSIR. It involves healthy "individuals" (S), infected (I) and recovered or deceased ®. In their opinion, the user “becomes infected” with both his interest in the social network among friends and acquaintances, and their refusal, that is, leaves the resource after those who are interested in him have left.

    According to scientists, many diseases are transmitted from one person to another in order to eventually disappear, and the same happens with social networks, to which the “epidemiological” model is quite applicable. Ultimately, visitors lose interest in the resource and visit it less and less - experts compare it with the appearance of a person's immunity to a particular disease.

    Detailed research is available here.

    You can also say that the faster the body becomes infected with a virus, the faster it gets from it.

    For example, such projects as Prism and Pokémon Go (and many others), which very quickly virally fired, but also quickly went out.

    So, the very first sick people get cured of the virus first.
    In the framework of IT projects, this is the so-called. early birds or the earliest followers, who are mostly technographers who, by virtue of their openness to everything new, became infected with the very first.

    It is possible that the fact that Reddit overtook Facebook in the US and there is evidence that the very first patients began to heal?

    So, what do we offer for more thoughtful social communication?

    These are forums in the form of ... Clubs.

    Clubs are a more advanced implementation of forums, more precisely the next generation of forums.
    In principle, the clubs include Reddit, Habr, etc.

    But unlike the above resources, in our project there is a more flexible setting of publicity and privacy.

    In our case, any user can create his own similar resource without bothering with settings, hosting, etc.

    Let's look at the process in more detail.

    So first you need to download M1 Messenger.

    Next, we go through registration without a phone number and look for the Club Bot bot in the search:

    Description of the bot's capabilities:

    Add to the bot and see the following messages in the Business tab:

    Copy the password:

    Follow the link and enter the data to enter:

    Open the link and we can create clubs:

    There are 4 types of clubs:

    1. Public club

    Any user can create a public club and anyone can comment on it:

    Analogue of comments on news resources and channels in messengers.
    Indexed by search engines.

    2. Open Club

    Also, anyone can create and anyone can view the content by reference, from any device.

    Only registered users can comment.
    Analogue of the usual forums and other similar resources.
    Indexed by search engines.

    3. Closed club

    Everyone can see the name of the club and its members, only the creator of the club can invite the user to see the content and write messages.

    Search engines indexed only the name of the club.

    4. Private Club

    Participation by invitation only creator.
    Not indexed by search engines and not visible to anyone.

    This kind of club may be preferable for those who are inconvenient to communicate in groups in messengers due to the poverty of the IM toolkit and the fact that all media files tend to fill all the space on the smartphone.
    All stored in the cloud.

    When answering forums, you can easily insert a photo, video or audio message directly from your smartphone, without additional manipulation:

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