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    Years of preparation for internationally recognized certifications in the field of information security show that the greatest number of definitions of the term Business Continuity (hereinafter BC) are given by seminar participants for information system auditors . And this is no coincidence - the ISACA certification operator expects in-depth understanding, in particular, terminology, from candidates for CISA status.

    A point of view in the form of a combination of the position, industry and goals set gives different definitions of BC:

    1) Continuity of Operations (COOP) - the goal is to ensure the continuity of operations with and without income / financing. Such a goal is usually set for strategic industries that implement the social obligations of the state, for example, energy supply or communications.

    2) Continuity of Government (COG) - the goal is to prevent the organization from stopping or intercepting the management and control of the organization, for example, as a result of the introduction of external management as directed by the regulator or the controlling state body.

    3) Emergency Management (EM) - it is supposed to control, as far as possible, the shutdown of the organization when something went wrong, with the task of preserving everything else that is possible, especially the life and health of people.

    4) Disaster Recovery (hereinafter referred to as DR) is the process of restoring what was damaged as a result of an event (disaster) to the state prior to this event or absorbing the damage caused by the resilience of the business to such events. Often, DR ignores the loss of staff, funding problems, and the irreparable loss of revenue from customer care. Most investors and a significant portion of key employees leave the organization at the first sign of a disaster. It is these reasons that led to the following definition

    5) Business “Revenue” Continuity - continuity of income / financing. This is the most accurate definition of the interest of the owner / head of a commercial or government organization. Without income \ funding, organizations cannot survive. Money “buys” time and the ability to choose actions

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