Olympiad, competition of ideas, lectures on IT project management and film screenings: 10 upcoming events at ITMO University

    This is a selection of events to be held at ITMO University in the coming days. There are meetings on IT project management, film screenings and student contests.

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    1. Competition for students from "ITMO.Online"

    When: the whole year is held on an ongoing basis
    Where: online (for students at ITMO University)

    From May 28, 2018 to May 27, 2019, we provide support for the MOOC. For this you need to submit an application in the internal information system of the university and participate in the competition. This can be done by bachelors, masters, specialists and graduate students.

    2. “Creation of IT-team”: open viewing of lectures from Y Combinator

    When: . Wed, 31 October
    How much: 18:30
    Where: Str. Tchaikovsky, d. 11, k. 2, ITMO University, aud. 207 (“The Seagull”)

    Every Wednesday we will watch and discuss the lectures of the Y Combinator startup school. To understand the content of the course, you can see translations of lectures of past years (they were prepared by our colleagues from IIDF). This year - October 31 - in the space of “Chaika”, the lecture “Building an Engineering Team” from the founders of TripleByte will be held. Registration is on TimePad .

    3. Joint viewing of the film “Out of the car”: film screenings from ITMO.Family

    When: Wed, October 31.
    What time: 19:00
    Where: nab. Bypass channel, 74, Lumiere Hall creative space

    This is a new cycle of film screenings supervised by ITMO.Family. As the first motion picture to watch, we chose the British sci-fi film “Out of the Car” (dir. Alex Garland). Before the film screening, you will be in touch with the head of the machine learning laboratory Andrei Filchenkov and the head of the international laboratory “Biomechatronics and energy efficient robotics” Sergey Kolyubin. They will tell about the AI ​​systems and the ethical side of interaction with them. Registration is in this Google-form .

    4. Lecture "Startup Mathematics": a course on IT project management

    When: Thu, November 1st What time
    : 19:00
    Where: Kronverksky Ave., 49, ITMO University, aud. 285 (2nd floor)

    Here will be considered an example of launching a game project - from the prototype assembly to market entry. Plus, the most common problems that start-ups face and how to solve them will be analyzed. This lecture is included in the course on the management of IT-projects and products. It involves guest participation of representatives of leading IT-companies.

    5. “Maintaining a startup”: open viewing of lectures by Y Combinator

    When: Wed, November 7.
    What time: 18:30
    Where: Str. Tchaikovsky, d. 11, k. 2, ITMO University, aud. 207 ("The Seagull").

    Continuation of the weekly meetings to discuss the materials of the Y Combinator startup school. The topic of this lecture is “Running Your Startup”. Speaker - Adora Cheung, partner YC. An example of one of Adora’s lectures: product and “honesty curve” , growth hacking . Registration is open on TimePad.

    6. The competition of ideas on the topic of information security from Kaspersky Lab

    When: October 26 - November 12
    What is now: Kaspersky Start Russia accepts applications

    - this is an initiative of the incubator of Kaspersky Lab. To participate, you need to predict new threats in the field of information security and propose solutions to minimize them. Next, develop the idea to a viable plan and make a presentation. In this competition there will be two qualifying rounds, and the prize fund will be one million rubles.

    7. “How to release 7 related products every 4 months and not kill each other?”

    When: Thu, Nov. 15 What time
    : 19:00
    Where: Kronverksky Ave., 49, ITMO University, aud. 285 (2nd floor)

    This is a continuation of the course with guest speakers from leading IT companies. This time we will have Sergey Kuks, the head of the .NET development department at JetBrains. The theme is order in business processes and communication with the help of technical solutions. Registration is in this Google-form .

    8. Open Lecture Hall of Popular Science at ITMO University

    When: October 25 - December 20 What time:
    how much: from 18:00 to 21:00
    Where: st. Lomonosova, 9, ITMO University, aud. 1223

    The starting cycle of lectures was prepared by Professor Sergey Stafeev. He will talk about the nature of light and the connection of optical science with other fields of knowledge. At the lecture there will be time for discussion. You can register by the link .

    9. Lecture "Legal Aspects of an IT Project": a course on IT project management

    When: Thu, November 22,
    At what time: 19:00
    Where: Kronverksky Prospect, 49, ITMO University, aud. 285 (2nd floor)

    Another lecture from our series of meetings with IT experts. Here we will talk about the "legal aspects of the IT-project." Darya Sergeeva, Head of Intellectual Property Practice, Egorov Puginsky Afanasyev and Partners in St. Petersburg, will tell. Registration - in the same Google-form .

    10. Qualifying stage of the Olympiad "I am a professional"

    When: November 24 - December 9
    What is now: there is a registration of participants
    Where: online

    This is a multidisciplinary competition for students. According to the results, you can receive awards in the amount of 200 and 300 thousand rubles, plus - benefits for admission to the master's program or postgraduate study at leading universities. This year we are once again co-organizing the Olympiad and sharing our experience at Habré. We recently introduced a new direction, Robotics , and last year talked about Photonics , Information and Cybersecurity , and Computer Science .

    The general partner of the ITMO University Olympiad is “Programming and IT”, “Information and Cybersecurity”, “ Big Data ” - Sberbank.

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