All 2015 weather anomalies in 8 minutes

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    The other day, the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites ( EUMETSAT ), together with colleagues from the meteorological agencies of Japan and the United States, published a video that absorbed all the data from weather observations during the past 2015.

    Two hemispheres, 12 months and 8 minutes of excellent data visualization are waiting for you under the cut!

    The video is the result of collaboration and the compilation of a huge array of daily weather observations from space received by three leading meteorological agencies (it is a pity that RosKosmos and RosHydroMet with their Electro-Ldid not participate in this). It begins in January, when the northern hemisphere is covered with snow, the whole wind rose in both hemispheres is clearly visible. Closer to summer, several major storms form near the US coast. Then, in agusta, typhoons in Southeast Asia can be observed, as well as the formation of three giant cyclones over the Pacific Ocean (about a fifth and a half minutes). And the sixth minute shows the origin, passage through the Caribbean and the “attenuation” of a hurricane that caused severe flooding in October in the British Isles and Ireland. And immediately after that the formation of Hurricane Patricia .

    The data collected should complement the observations made over the past 30 years and form the basis of climate change models and weather prediction using supercomputers.

    Now sit back, relax, expand the video to full screen in 2160k resolution and enjoy the lively breath of our old Earth:

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