Blogger recommends: influence-marketing

    When classic advertising is losing ground, brands turn for help to those whose voice is heard - to bloggers and celebrities. Influence marketing helps to earn the trust of the target audience in situations where the standard approach is powerless. How and why this happens in the article.

    Why fluencers are useful for brands

    People are tired of obsessive suggestions. Influence marketing does not look like a pure advertisement, so it works. This is a recommendation and friendly advice of a person whose opinion the audience trusts.


    An advertising campaign with the participation of coolers is a product promotion thanks to opinion leaders. In this case, there is no intrusive message “Buy it!”. The consumer is triggered by the desire to be like, the credibility of that person, the attitude towards which is initially positive.

    About the influence in marketing

    There are three levels of influence on an audience:

    • Microenvironment . These are opinions of relatives, friends and acquaintances. They have considerable weight when it comes to a large group of people. The brand has almost no influence on them directly. Here you need a solid reputation.
    • Macromedia . It's about the influence of famous people. They become influencers.
    • Megacad . Scope of influence of media, cinema, etc. With the right approach, progress at this level will produce results.

    Choosing the face of the brand, pay attention to the classification of applicants. The "stars" include those who scored more than 500K subscribers. Next come “Opinion Leaders” with an audience of 50K. And “Microblogger” with the number of subscribers up to 50K.

    A greater number of subscribers does not guarantee the full involvement of the audience. For the “Stars”, the involvement is only 1%, for the “microblogger” - up to 10%.

    If there are many subscribers, the influence dissipates and it becomes more difficult to maintain emotional contact with the audience. For a brand, cooperation with several, less well-known bloggers may be more beneficial than with one superstar.

    What produces influence marketing

    Depending on the goals and format of the advertising campaign, the following types of products are distinguished:

    • by type : video content, special projects placed from a blogger account or on a customer’s page, product placement, native integration, advertising, interactive;
    • by brand presence : exclusive presence in the video or in the group of videos, integration with the transfer of rights to the material;
    • photo : product development, special projects, reports;
    • text materials : special project, article, report;
    • by the type of tasks to be solved : sales, leads, image tasks, etc.

    In the market of influence marketing there are production centers that produce content for sale, specialized agencies that manage advertising companies, bloggers exchanges and seeding systems that help “deliver” information to consumers.

    What to look for when choosing an infuenser

    When deciding who exactly will become the face of your brand, consider:

    • who subscribed to the profile. Required information about age, gender, interests of subscribers. Quantity also means a lot;
    • how many views gaining content;
    • number of likes and views;
    • how active the audience is in terms of comments;
    • how much are the services of a blogger.

    To assess the result of cooperation, use the following indicators:

    • likes and views;
    • information about the audience;
    • average video viewing time;
    • devices from which content is viewed;
    • tone of comments;
    • the number of people who committed the target action.

    The choice of parameters for evaluation depends on the type of product and the goals of the campaign. The number of views will not do anything if the purpose was to fill out a questionnaire.

    Benefits of influence marketing

    By attracting famous people to promote your brand, you get:

    1. Association with fame . Popular - does not mean everyone's favorite. But a blogger or a celebrity will always attract the attention of the audience. Even if the audience after watching the video with Beckham thinks exactly how much he was paid, the product being promoted will still “crash into memory”.

      Brands choose infleusers and “domestic production”. For example, in the profile of the blogger and presenter Nastya Ivleeva there are posts “by request”. But they are so harmoniously inscribed that subscribers are not annoyed

    2. The true tone of communication . Every blogger has his own way of submitting information. Tone is one of the reasons why a well-known person is gaining subscribers and one of the factors that help the success of an advertising campaign.

      Timati published an Instagram post in which he called BORK company “handsome” for the production of a golden meat grinder. And the audience appreciated it.

    3. Target audience . To find your customers, it is enough to choose the right person. If you promote beauty and health products, look for a popular instagram account. If your audience is gamers, find the appropriate Youtube channel. Marketers can choose an infuenser with a close, but not exactly appropriate brand audience to expand influence.

      For example, Kati Clap has a female audience. And advertising also targets the fair sex.


      Blogs are not only young people. A vivid example is Valentina Ivanovna (Bab Valya).


      Wylsacom mentions in his posts not only new technologies. Lego also finds its customers among blogger subscribers.


      A variety of personalities on the Internet helps to make advertising more targeted.

    Another advantage of influence-marketing is the duration of existence. Unlike television advertising, the post on the Internet will “live by itself” as long as the account exists. In this case, it will be viewed by all new subscribers.

    Do not chase the media face with millions of followers. With such an audience is difficult to determine the effectiveness of advertising costs. Collaboration with less popular people can give the best result.

    You can agree on advertising in person, or use the bloggers exchange. View candidates and their ratings on Insense, LabelUp, EPICSTAR, GetBlogger, and other exchanges.
    It is possible to organize an advertisement with the involvement of bleachers and without special expenses. Agree with your customers about the discount for feedback on popular otzovikah sites. Little-known bloggers can publish a post on a barter basis. Provide a service or make a gift in exchange for mentioning a brand. This method works well when you are interested in a certain territory and the blogger is known “in a narrow circle”.

    Selecting an infuenser is not an easy task, but “hitting the target” will provide companies with the loyalty and attention of the target audience, since Influence Marketing is a promotion without pressure. A recommendation format from a trusted person leaves the client with a choice. In addition, advertising in this case is a space for experimentation and new discoveries.

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