Waiting for the sixth, Winamp 5.8: the “mystery” of origin, the possibilities of the official version

    As we already reported a couple of days ago , Radionomy plans to complete the development of the new Winamp 6 in 2019. As a preliminary attempt at writing, the Radionomy team updated Winamp 5 to version 5.8, for the first time since 2013, which pleased many users and fans of this product. Under the cut a couple of words about the sudden appearance of an unofficial beta version in September and an overview of the changes that affected the official October version of Winamp 5.8.

    Beta Mystery Story

    Winamp 5.8 made itself felt extremely unexpectedly after 5 years of silence in September of this year. Suddenly, a previously unknown Winamp 5.8 beta appeared. Many media outlets then decided that the version had nothing to do with the official one, especially since Radionomy did not react to it at all.

    Interestingly, the version was supposedly dated 2016, which was thought-provoking some randomness of its entering the network. Then the interested community came to the conclusion that this is a beta version, which was mentioned on the Nullsoft forum in 2016, and was safely forgotten.

    Later it became known that the authorship of the September Winamp 5.8 beta belongs to a group of developers led by the well-known Darren (DrO) Owen in narrow circles. The media also reported that work on the version took place in 2014, the year.

    In an interview for www.slo.ru, DrO confirmed that his developments were taken as a basis for the beta, but clarified that additional changes were also made there and did not recommend users to use the raw “leaked” product.

    On October 15, together with the announcement of the creation of Winamp 6, the public of Radionomy announced the imminent official release of version 5.8 of the update, which, in fact, happened after 3 days.

    Official Winamp 5.8

    So, I think it makes no sense to consider separately what has changed in the unofficial beta version, when there is an official release. By the way, differences in these two versions I could not find. The main changes almost did not affect the user interface, but allowed to make the product more optimized, eliminate possible conflicts with modern Windows and remove all paid components of the program.

    Further listing of all changes and additions included in the official version:

    • Winamp 5.8 was completely free, paid components were excluded;
    • integrated plug-in Windows Audio (WASAPI);
    • Eliminated compatibility conflicts with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 (all player functions are available on these operating systems);
    • implemented the command “/ ENUMPLAYLISTS” for the command line;
    • full video support is integrated;
    • MikMod player replaced with OpenMPT-based;
    • Bento's base skin design has been slightly redesigned: the track's scrollbar has been updated, the buttons have been slightly modified;
    • fully updated libogg 1.3.3 & libvorbis 1.3.6, FLAC 1.3.2, libyajl 2.1.0, OpenSSL 1.0.1i, libpng 1.5.24;
    • MP3 decoder replaced by mpg123, and instead of AAC, H.264, MPEG-4 Pt.2 used by the Media Foundation;
    • in skins Modern and Bento integrated search by playlist;
    • for playing an audio CD and ripping used the basic function of the OS;
    • removed DRM, gen_jumpex & UnicodeTaskbarFix, ml_nowplaying;
    • implemented (as a separate setting) automatic transition and fullscreen;
    • optimized load on RAM.

    Interestingly, many of the readers of our previous article noted the full functionality of earlier Winamp builds when working with Windows 10.

    About the third article about Winamp
    Subscribers wrote to me that our colleagues, also blogging on this resource, had material that partially duplicates yesterday information from our article about Winamp 6. I am glad that other authors also notice the informational motives that I choose for my posts. It may seem to someone that the third article about Winamp is overkill. I will answer those who have already wanted to write it in the comments - this is normal, if readers are interested in the topic - it is not a pity for her even a hundred articles.


    The described changes are significant, but not fundamental. Obviously, the leak version was published as official in order to draw attention to the development. Meanwhile, at the moment it is objectively the best of the existing versions of Winamp. This is a great example when the enthusiasm of the community of developers successfully reanimates seemingly forgotten products. Perhaps you noticed some improvements that I missed, write about it in the comments, or just tell us about why you fell in love with the good old Winamp.

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