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In modern society, for many environmentally conscious citizens, the bicycle has become the main mode of transport. Biking proved to be the fastest way to get to and from work compared to a trip by car during peak hours. Nevertheless, there are also disadvantages associated with the need to stop in order to verify your direction of movement with the navigator on the phone, which in the worst case scenario can lead to an accident. Cyclists are already supporting the environment, why shouldn't they have a safer and easier way to work and back? Two London cyclists decided to provide this with a BeeLine device (approx. Translator: coincidence with the name of a domestic telecom operator by accident) , a smart and inexpensive navigation gadget for bicycles.

Mark Ginner and Tom Putnam are the people behind this navigator, whose idea came to them when they planned to meet at lunch, but both got lost along the way. Thus, the duo decided to create a BeeLine to make cycling enjoyable and convenient. A device the size of a wristwatch is similar to a compass. Instead of north, BeeLine shows you the main direction of your destination, also marking the distance you need to go. The “stripped back" navigation concept allows for a safer and more fun trip. A cyclist is only required to “look out of the corner of his eye” on the direction of movement, which allows him to focus on the road, instead of looking at street names.

Using BeeLine is as simple as the navigation method itself. The gadget easily snaps into the wheel of your bike, after which you need to select your destination in a special application to start the trip. You can also save the most regular destinations for later selection with one click. From now on, you will no longer have to stop to check the direction with the navigator on your smartphone.

The capabilities of BeeLine are not limited to navigation only. It can display the current speed, distance traveled or work in clock mode. It can be perceived as the dashboard of your bike. When the device is not used, its design protects the screen, which allows you to attach it to the keys like a keychain or put it in a bag or pocket.

To install the BeeLine on various bicycles, a silicone strap is used to attach the device to any handlebar. A backlit display and electronic ink technology are used, and the housing allows the device to be used in severe weather conditions. The device is based on the Atmel microcontroller | SMART SAM3X8E with Cortex M3 core, processing data from the accelerometer, digital compass and gyroscope. The microUSB connector is used to charge the battery, which can work without recharging for several months through the use of low-energy technology installed electronic components.

Link to the BeeLine Kickstarter page . Deliveries are expected to begin by August 2016.

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