The answer to the post "Presumption of the mind"

    This post is a response to the post "Presumption of the mind" from zolotyh , respectively, for a better understanding, we recommend reading the original (it is short and interesting).

    The principle of "presumption of mind" proposed in the original, is indicated as follows:

    All people are smart and adequate, if not proven otherwise.

    It is difficult to agree with this, since, obviously, people are different, their mental abilities can vary very, very much, duh.

    However, the article’s examples and promises are good, the author is most likely on the right path (meta).

    The principle introduced is, however, rather incorrect.

    Therefore, a better version of the principle is proposed , in the form in which it is discussed in the literature on psychology:

    Everyone is doing what they consider to be the best at the moment.

    This principle does not affect the concept of mind, and is more abstract, but, paradoxically, also more accurate.

    In order not to lengthen this post, I will not add examples. But I will ask readers to go through memory and apply it in life, and I’m ready to argue, you won’t find a case where the principle wouldn’t work, no matter how good or bad you think it was the act of another person.

    However, it is worth saying that a more correct formulation includes only one person, since the group’s behavior is a combinatorial explosion, and it is more difficult to analyze it.

    A person does what he thinks is the best at the moment.

    Understanding this principle can greatly help with reacting to chaos around you (work and personal life) and planning your actions, taking into account others. players humans, it is in some form, a simplification of game theory.

    Meta: The post you are reading falls under the same principle, and that's fine.

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