Birthday of the founder of the oldest hacker club Chaos Computer Club

    At Edison, we found a great reason to drink a Club Mate bottle for the memory of the founding grandfather.

    December 20, 1951 was born Herwart Holland-Moritz, known as Wau Holland (Wau Holland), co-founder of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) in 1981, is one of the oldest hacker clubs in the world.

    imageCCC gained worldwide fame when its members disclosed security vulnerabilities in the German teletext operator Bildschirmtext (Btx). Hackers received 134,000 German marks from the bank, repeatedly gaining access to his page on Btx. A few days later, the hackers returned the money.

    Wow Holland was a brilliant speaker, a man with a great sense of humor, standing in the positions of openness and freedom of information exchange.

    imageHolland was also co-founder of the CCC hacker magazine, called Datenschleuder (The Data Slingshot: The scientific trade journal for data voyagers), in 1984. The magazine praised the capabilities of the global network and powerful computers. There, for example, detailed modem assembly diagrams were published, for themselves and cheaply. The then-monopoly telephone company, Deutsche Bundespost, had to approve modem models and sell devices of its own manufacture, slow and expensive. The privatized Deutsch Bundespost network is now called the Deutsche Telekom.

    Poem from the first issue of the magazine
    Die Hacker-Hymne

    Zu singen nach der Melodie: “Put another nickel in”

    Put another password
    Bomb it out and try again
    Try to get past logging
    We're hacking, hacking, hacking

    Try his first wife's maiden name.
    This is more than just a game.
    It's real fun, it is the same,
    It's hacking, hacking, hacking.

    Sys-call, let's try a sys-call.
    Remember the great bug from v 3,
    Or RSX, it's a here! Whoppee!
    Du Hacker, Hacker, Hacker!
    Put another sys-call in,
    Run those passwords out and then,
    Dial back up, we're logging in,
    We're hacking, hacking, hacking!

    Cheshire Catalyst, TAP-magazin

    Archive of numbers

    Thanks to Holland's continued participation in the club, CCC is gaining authority and fame. Holland gave lectures on information control for both government agencies and business; fought against copy protection, against any form of censorship, as well as for an open information infrastructure.

    Wau at the 17C3

    Wow compared the authorities' demands for censorship with the activities of the Christian church in the Middle Ages, and considered copy protection as a defect in a product. The great hacker spent the last years of his life in a youth center, where he taught children both the art and ethics of hacking, with humor and in his own special manner.

    Holland was also a radio amateur, his call sign: DB4FA.

    Vayu died in Bielefeld, July 29, 2001 from the effects of a stroke.

    Wau Holland Foundation


    The Wau Holland Foundation ( ) is a nonprofit organization based in Hamburg, Germany.

    Основан фонд был в 2003 году, в память о Вау Холланде. фонд сконцентрирован на сохранении и продвижении идей Холланда, в таких областях как: прогнозирование развития техники (technology assessment), история технологий и свобода информации. Отдельно, организация продвигает использование электронных медиа в образовательных целях, так же как и для освещения событий связанных с социальными аспектами новых технологий.

    В проектах фонда числится «Архив Современной Истории Технологии (Архив Хакера)» (Archive of Contemporary History of Technology (Hacker archive)), который документирует историю мира (сцены) хакеров и кампания против машин для голосования (voting machines), — оба проекта ведутся в сотрудничестве с ССС.

    The Foundation also accepts, throughout Europe, donations in support of WikiLeaks.

    At the time of December 2010, their donations amounted to 62,000 euros. The fund owns land assets worth about 1,500 euros; assets are leased to state institutions (literal translation of public institution).

    Relationship with Wikileaks.

    The fund has raised more than $ 1.2 million for Wikileaks since October 2009, when they started accepting payments. On December 4, 2010, PayPal stopped donating because the organization was affiliated with Wikileaks. PAyPal alluded to the fact that the account was used to “support, facilitate, assist, or instruct others to engage in illegal activities.”

    On December 8, 2010, the fund issued a statement to the press stating that a lawsuit was filed against PayPal for blocking an account and for defaming PayPal about illegal activity.

    Subsequently, for the collection of donations for Wikileaks, the status of the organization as a charity was cut and, later, canceled by the German authorities. Charity status was returned on December 12, 2012, as well as, retroactively, for 2011 and 2012.

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