[Friday] Revenge AI

    This story is a sketch of the storyline to continue the sci-fi novel Anomaly Frango , published on Habré.

    Katya is just a breathtakingly charming Ranger girl! I realized that I fell in love on the third day of our acquaintance. A month later we had a wedding. And now we have a honeymoon trip, and we are in ... impassable taiga!

    My friends know that I love the sun, the sea and the sand. But Katya said that her honeymoon in the forest is her dream. I liked the idea, because I arrived on the planet Sargon 10 years ago from places, let's say, not at all rich in vegetation. For me, hiking in the taiga is still an exotic adventure. Katya is a native inhabitant of a “wild” planet covered with coniferous forests.

    Wildness of the planet was conditional. Being at any point of even the most remote forestry, not further than a couple of kilometers you can always find a hidden sanitary booth with a shower and toilet. There will also be power supply. When, more than 100 years ago, the YEAR was in charge of everything on the planet, he installed thousands and thousands of booths all over the planet. It even seems to me that most of the booths have never been visited before. If we take into account the wilderness we climbed, then the cabins around are probably pristine clean.

    The day trip was over, and I, setting up a tent, fumbled in backpacks, choosing food for dinner. Katya was sharpening one edge of a shovel, which also served her with an ax. She loved to chop firewood herself, lay down and make a fire.

    - Oleg, listen, and do you have a phone that supports scanning of bio-sinnate?

    - Yes of course!

    - And let's install the application Shared Truth - Marriage!

    “Hmm ...

    After the marriage was registered, a husband and wife on the planet Sargon could install the Shared Truth - Marriage application on their phones. In this application, you can ask any question about the past spouse and get an answer. The question may concern any fact in the life of a partner. There are only two rules:

    A) The application is installed simultaneously on two phones of the spouses, with their mutual consent. One spouse cannot single-handedly install an application.

    B) After installation you can ask one question. The next question you can ask only after your partner asks your question.

    The application “Shared Truth - Marriage” is only a part of the information system of the planet. There is, for example, its application for the police. If there is an open case, they can request facts about the suspects, which allows you to instantly open most cases.

    Arriving 10 years ago on the planet Sargon, I was shocked to learn the history of the local SupremeAI - the planet of artificial intelligence with self-awareness. Nearly a thousand years, the Global Data Organizer, abbreviated YEAR, single-handedly ran the business on the planet. He continuously monitored every inhabitant of Sargon using sensors that flooded the planet so tightly that no matter where you are, the YEAR'S YEAR saw you, felt your breath, pulse, pressure, eye movement and many other things.

    However, a hundred years ago, Sargon joined the commonwealth of central civilizations. The arrived artificial intellects of the central civilizations were much more powerful than the YEAR. Based on the ideas of the absolute human will, the YEAR has cut all functions, returning control of the planet to people. But the sensors remained! He still saw and knew everything, but he could only give out information on requests from special applications, such as Shared Truth - Marriage.

    “Well, Catherine,” I said in an official tone, “if you want, let's install and find out all the details about each other!” I have nothing to hide! Nearly.

    - So how is it almost? - with feigned indignation exclaimed Katya.

    - And what are you, absolutely nothing to hide?

    - Or maybe there is! For example, maybe I twisted romance with your witness at a wedding?

    - HH-what, what?

    I quickly unlocked the phone, found the application in the store and clicked on the install button. The bio-signature scan sensor flashed and a message appeared that it was expected to confirm the installation on the partner’s phone. I looked at Katya inquiringly.

    Katya peered intently at the phone. Her scan sensor blinked and the application was installed to both of us. A welcome message appeared on my phone:

    “YEAR: Oleg, ask any question about Kate”

    The application interface was terribly obsolete - you had to type the question on the on-screen keyboard. Throwing a glance at Katya, I typed:

    “Did Katya cheat on me?”

    Almost immediately I received the answer:

    “YEAR: No,”

    Hmming, I looked at Katya. Here she finished typing your question. She waited for an answer. And ... something strange started to happen to her. Her face turned white, she trembled, and tears flowed from her eyes.

    - Katya, what happened? - I ran to her and tried to hug.

    - Dont touch me! - through her teeth, she hissed, throwing a hated glance at me.

    The change was dramatic. It was as if a completely different person was sitting in front of me. I did not know such Katya. From a cheerful girl looking at me with loving eyes, Katya turned into a ball of hate.

    - What? What did you ask about me there? Is it about my life before I flew to Sargon? So know, I have changed completely - I'm a completely different person!

    Katya was silent.

    - Maybe you found out who I work on the planet? Yes, the work is not very, but it is legal here!

    Katya looked sharply at me, but said nothing.

    - Hell yes! You asked about my work. We had to say before! Do you want me to leave her? Here we go back from the trip - and right away!

    Kate closed her eyes and quietly said:

    - Oleg, promise me, please, that you will not ask about me in the application.

    - Of course of course!

    Although the request sounded strange, but I pointedly poked at the phone lock button. The application, however, has not yet become deleted. Painfully unusual reaction was Kati. Since she asked her question, I can now ask one more. But then.

    - Well, let's cook! - I said with cheerfulness, getting up.

    - Yes, really, it's time. Today I will cook my sister’s mushroom soup, ”Katya said, starting to set the pot over the fire.

    We started cooking dinner. Following Kati’s sister’s recipe, you had to peel and chop a lot of different ingredients. We brought some of them with us, Katya collected a part in the forest. I constantly looked at Katya, trying to understand her mood. She looked away.

    And what do I actually know about Kate? Not so much. Passion so captured me that I lost my vigilance and meticulousness. Katya was one of the best rangers on the planet. For many years she had been offered positions in companies on much more developed planets. But for some reason she refused. And this is despite the fact that according to her, she loves to travel.

    “Well, Oleg, try the soup,” I heard Katy’s warmer voice.

    She handed me a plate.

    - And how are you?

    “I'll wait for the soup to cool a little.” You know, I can't eat too hot.

    I began to eat. Yes, the soup was good! I drained the plate in a minute. At first I wanted to ask for supplements, but suddenly I was beginning to feel sleepy. It seems that I did not want to sleep at all when I started eating. In a stinging tongue, I asked in jest:

    “Katya, have you put sleeping pills into the soup?”

    “This is not a sleeping pill,” Katya replied, and then I saw that she was no longer looking away, but looking at me point-blank.

    This look. I have seen such looks before. Long. It was in a past life and in another world, where only one out of a thousand survived. I was this one because I was ready for such views. But here ... Thoughts began to get confused and I fell into unconsciousness.

    I woke up to a strange recurring sound. With difficulty opening my eyes, I saw what was the source of these sounds. Katya dug a hole. I immediately understood - this is a grave. For me.

    What kind of strength poison Katya used, even if my, built into the stomach, the system of neutralization of toxins did not fully cope with it. On this “wild” planet, they probably don’t know about such systems.

    Suddenly, Katya stopped and turned her head in my direction:

    - Well, you are a resilient, brute! - She said, jumping out of the pit.

    I tried to move, but neither hands nor legs would obey me. I need to gain time.

    - W-h-why? - I said slowly.

    “Well, since you did not die immediately, I will tell you before you die.” You know what I asked about you? I asked if you killed my sister? And you know, it was you.

    Katya intercepted the shovel, turning it with the sharpened side in the direction of impact.

    “Three years ago, I promised myself to find everyone involved in the murder of my sister.” I found everyone except the artist. According to the stupid agreement of the planet, the YEAR and central civilizations, the perpetrators of contract killings were derived from responsibility. The tool is not judged. But I decided differently.

    Kate came to me at a distance of one and a half meters, put her legs shoulder-width apart and took the shovel with both hands. The shovel was at the level of my neck.

    - I carefully read the laws. It turns out that blood revenge is derived from our responsibility. Here is a transitional period of entry into the Commonwealth. A hundred-year term is given, during which our “wild” rules of life, introduced a year ago, are valid. I can take revenge and nothing will happen to me. It only remained to find the performer, the rest was calculated by the police.

    Kate slowly began to wipe a shovel, raising it above her head.

    “I began to find hired killers through illegal channels, such as you.” The only way to find out the truth was to marry a killer and launch the Shared Truth - Marriage application. I lured assassins, married them and made a request to the application. Then she got divorced. So it was four times. You are my fifth husband. And ... bingo!

    The sharp edge of the shovel rushed to meet my neck. Beat a well-trained ranger is very strong. I think that the head will fly off after the first attempt. Thoughts earned at a frantic pace, unlike the body. Well, now it is clear why Katya did not leave the planet. She was looking for me to kill. It can be understood.

    Observing the spade movement, as if in slow motion, I remembered the centenary agreement. Arriving at Sargon, the forces of the commonwealth of central civilizations found that artificial intelligence named YEAR, completely subjugated the population of the planet. It simply didn’t happen to remove YEARS due to the fact that YEARS could destroy the entire population of Sargon in a couple of seconds. His mechanisms were everywhere on the planet. Therefore, the community had to negotiate. A tripartite agreement was concluded between the Commonwealth, the YEAR and the government of the planet. Does Katia know about all the clauses of this agreement?

    Finally, the blade of a shovel slammed into the fabric of my neck and everything plunged into darkness. Forever and ever. Nearly.

    A revelation appeared right in the center of my consciousness:

    “YEAR: Welcome to the virtual world, Oleg!”

    My thought process, interrupted by death, earned again. What was I thinking about? Yes, about the agreement. For refusing any opportunity to act in reality, the YEAR received the opportunity to scan the brain of every dead person on the planet and load a copy of the brain into the schema itself. In each sanitary cabin there was a flying module with a scanner. Not more than a few seconds after his death, the scanner was already in place to make a copy. After death, all fell to the year.

    The following information began to shine with new insight:

    “YEAR: You were given the opportunity to think this thought out on your own. Now your consciousness will be thrown into the cauldron along with the consciousness of another hundred people. Fight for survival! Maybe it is your mind that will become predominant in a hundred. Then you will enter the pot of a hundred winners. I need one human supermind. ”

    It sounded frightening, but nothing, I have been in places worse. Where one out of a thousand survives. And there are only a hundred. I wonder why this YEAR for this supermind composed of millions of people, if he himself is a superintelligence who has ruled the planet for a thousand years?

    “YEAR: Your question requires an answer. I was weak in front of the artificial intelligence of the community. The technology of their schemes are superior to mine. But in central civilizations man is absolute, and I will make myself in the image and likeness of man. The best man. ”

    I didn’t have time to think anything more, my mind was attacked by the chaos of many other people's thoughts.

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