eTraxis - now in the 2.x line


    Some time ago, I participated in the development of the open source project eTraxis - a system for tracking errors, or rather, a system for tracking change requests. If suddenly someone still does not know what this class of systems is, read my article about tracking systems for requesting changes from the cycle of materials on Software Configuration Management.

    This system provides a web-based interface - which, in general, is almost standard. The server part is traditional - PHP + Apache, but the DBMS park will give odds to many similar systems: in addition to traditional MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL and Oracle are supported.
    From the basic features:
    • flexible configuration of the life cycle of records (errors, features, any requests) - everything in the life cycle is configured without exaggeration;
    • group rights management - down to a separate field; also there is authorization through LDAP;
    • dependencies between records;
    • saving the full history of working with records - any change in any field is remembered;
    • a large number of localizations;
    • notifications / subscriptions / reminders;

    There are many other features, a complete list can be found on the site.

    The system has been constantly evolving for several years. As far as I know, it has been installed in several dozens of organizations - from the Primorsky Territory Administration to installations in the States (I used it in one of Motorola’s divisions) and Europe (take a look at the list of localizations;)). By the way, not so long ago, one of the enthusiasts added it to the list of candidates for the ArchLinux repository .

    Not so long ago, the system moved to a new round of development - which was noted by the transition of numbering in the 2.x range. What has changed so much? First of all, these are the fundamental changes in Unicode support in MSSQL. Rewritten about the work of this DBMS with UTF - before that, quite a few crutches had to be done to make the database work where there is only UCS and there is not even a hint of support for universal encoding. It should also be noted that support for PHP versions below 5.1 and MySQL versions below 5.0 has been discontinued. All this allowed us to rewrite, simplify and improve the code - and, of course, improve its work.

    Now for the developer who decided to modify the system, it will become even easier to make the necessary changes. And for the administrator for a while there is a whole guide. For him, as well as for a potential user, there is also a demo version based on XAMPP.

    In general, why am I all this ... To the fact that if you are looking for a bug tracking system or a task tracking system, or a tracking system in general, it's worth trying eTraxis .


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