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    In general, it works. For example, Dropbox even has an anti-referral in the form of a sentence for “inveterate sociopaths without friends” to increase storage. In business applications, everything is usually worse with the involvement of users through friends, but we tried and it works.

    Do Dropbox

    Immediately I will warn you that everything outside the brackets is taken from the site of the respected company. Dropbox has a two-way referral — this is when you and your friend receive 500/250 megabytes in storage, and indeed, they came up with a story in which you can get 10 gigabytes for installing a dropbox in a virtual machine. The latter does not apply to incentives for invitations, but is very logical for the segment of users who are not very fond of communication.

    Dropbox referral program is not focused on business accounts, for example, you cannot get additional disk space there by invitation from your account as part of a free working group.


    The referral program (it is not about affiliate) works in the only case when the degree of satisfaction with the use of your user product exceeds expectations.

    In the mechanics of invitations there are two components - emotional and social. Can we manage these things? No, emotions lie beyond the product’s boundaries and it is possible that you can increase the degree of interest through viral campaigns. Here's how motivates to participate in his Dropbox referral - “There are many ways to entice people to use Dropbox, one of the main things, by the way, is that Dropbox is very cool.

    If we talk about the social component, then for business applications the environment is much clearer for developers and this is the user's professional environment - colleagues, communities, parties.

    In the business segment of applications it is worth playing references when you create solutions for soho business and doctors are just such a category. A doctor can work in clinics, conduct private practice in parallel and teach students and in all scenarios he needs automation and he is surrounded by colleagues.

    In general, the involvement of third-party users in working with your application is already good and, by default, talks about your product. A good example of engaging the 1C Bitrix ecosystem with their Bitrix24 , extranet and corporate instant messenger or portal.

    Like in DentalTap

    We at DentalTap have implemented email invitations. The owner of the subscription can invite colleagues from the clinic, visiting specialists, and friends to it. When registering, a new user gets the opportunity to access the referee's subscription and a separate tenant is created for him, in which he can conduct his practice. The owner, after an invitation, may close access to his tenant or adjust access rights to colleagues.

    When you enter the service referral can enter into a guest or own subscription. As for the buns, the referee, we replenish the balance by $ 50 after payment, and the referral receives a freemium subscription to the service. To summarize, we:

    • Implemented the mechanism of creating additional tenant by referral link
    • Referee bonus was made equal to the cost of attracting a user
    • The referral gets a cool product, and we are 15% of the customer base and consciously do not want to save on attraction through the channel.

    Video review from the user? Fine!

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