3 books on C ++ 17 (in English)

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Today we tell you about three books written by our Microsoft MVP in C ++ 17. They can be good starting points for getting familiar with the new version of this programming language. All of them are sold in electronic and paper form on online platforms (from € 8.64 to $ 42.99 for electronic versions).

Professional C ++, fourth edition, by Marc Gregoire

“Professional C ++” is an advanced C ++ programming guide. Created to help experienced programmers with the latest update, this book takes you through the basics and goes straight into the descriptions of all the features of C ++ 17. Each feature is complemented by an example and a snippet of code that you can use in your projects.

Examples shown include code tested on Windows and Linux, as well as authoring tips and secrets that can help you improve your workflow. Even many experienced developers have never fully explored the limits of language capabilities; This book is about features you never knew about. Its main goal is to show you how to turn these functions into real solutions.

Price: $ 42.99 (e-book)

The Modern C++ Challenge: Станьте экспертом, решая реальные проблемы, автор Marius Bancila

C ++ is one of the most widely used programming languages ​​and has examples of use in various fields, such as games, graphical programming, and operating systems. Over the years, C ++ has remained one of the best solutions for software developers worldwide.

This book will show you some important C ++ features and how to implement them to meet your needs. Each problem is unique and does not just test your knowledge of the language; she tests your strategic thinking abilities and the ability to find the best way out of any situation. But there are various problems that sometimes confuse developers. This book comes to the rescue in such situations.

This book will appeal to C ++ developers of all levels.

Price: € 8.64 (e-book)

C ++ 17 in detail by Bartłomiej Filipek

Although C ++ 17 is not as big as C ++ 11, it is larger than C ++ 14.

Many expected modules, joint routines, concepts and other powerful functions, but the developers were not able to prepare everything on time. Is C ++ 17 bad because of this? Far from it. And this book will show why.

The book gives you exclusive knowledge of C ++ 17 and draws on the experience of many articles that have appeared on bfilipek.com. Chapters were written from scratch and updated with the latest information. You will also find many examples and practical tips for use. In addition, the book provides insight into the current implementation status, compiler support, performance issues, and other related knowledge that will help you improve current projects.

If you have an idea about C ++ 11/14 and want to switch to the latest C ++ methods, then this book is for you.

Price: $ 14.99 (e-book)

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