LED lamps Diall from the store Castorama

    LED lamps of own brands of store chains are often the best in terms of price-quality ratio. The network of building shops Castorama sells very cheap lamps of its own brand Diall, having a warranty of 5 years.
    I bought and tested 46 models of these lamps.

    Almost all lamps are sold in individual packaging, some lamps are sold in packages of three (they are usually cheaper), some are only in packages of two lamps.

    Most lamps do not support brightness control (dimming), but there are also dimmable models.

    All lamps with GU5.3 base are designed for 12 volt power supply (European standard).

    If the lamps burn out, they will be exchanged in the store without any problems, in addition, the lamps in the package can be returned to the store during all five years of the warranty period.

    Luminous flux, color temperature and color rendering index were measured using a two-meter integrating sphere and a Instrument Systems CAS 140 CT spectrometer , the power consumption of the GW Instek GPM-8212 instrument, the pulsation level of the instrumentUprtek MK350D . The minimum operating voltage, at which the luminous flux decreased by no more than 5% of the nominal, was measured using a Lamptest-1 device, a Stabill Instab 500 stabilizer and a LATP Suntek TDGC2-0.5. Before measurements to stabilize the parameters of the lamp warmed for half an hour.

    There are no model or article names on the boxes of lamps, so I quote the store codes (they are on the website and price tags in the store), SKU carton codes (you can find them on the bottom of the boxes) and articles printed on the lamps themselves. For lamps in group packages the price for one lamp is indicated.

    Let's start with non-dimmable lamps.

    First of all, I am glad that all the lamps use good LEDs with CRI (Ra) color rendition indices above 80, which means they can be used in residential premises.

    All lamps designed for mains voltage, except for one, the most powerful, completely have no ripple (ripple coefficient less than 0.5%). At the lamp 542070 SKU12 61A100cQ15NW 1521 lm, the ripple factor is about 12% and it is completely not noticeable. For two 12-volt lamp-spots when powered by alternating voltage, the ripple is 28-37%, but if you use a stabilized constant-voltage source to power them, there will be no ripple.

    Unlike many Russian manufacturers, who overestimate the parameters, Diall has everything to be honest: the luminous flux of most lamps is even slightly higher than the stated one, the color temperature corresponds to the declared one (honest 2700K in warm lamps).

    The equivalent of the power of the incandescent lamp is specified according to the European standard. In our reality, equivalents are significantly higher (when compared with real incandescent lamps operating from 220 volts).

    Most lamps cannot operate with switches that have an indicator (flash or faint when the switch is off).

    Although the package of the lamp and specified operating voltage range of 220-240 V, all the lamps can operate with a significant decrease in voltage, without diminishing the brightness. The minimum voltage for each lamp is shown in the table.

    Many spots are equipped with lenses, thanks to which they have narrow angles of illumination of about 35 degrees and do not "blind" when installed in a suspended ceiling, as ordinary matte LED matte spots do.

    Diall has some very bright bulbs at very interesting prices.

    Pear 542068 SKU8 61A75aQ15NW 11 W gives more than 1100 lm of light and replaces a 100-watt lamp. At the same time it costs 98 rubles, and if you buy a box with three lamps for 198 rubles, you get only 66 rubles for a light bulb.

    There is also a “cold” version 542067 SKU9 61A75cQ15NW.

    Bulb G45 E14 542058 SKU87 1102150613 8.5 W gives more than 850 lm and replaces the 80-watt incandescent lamp. It is also worth 98 rubles.

    Candle E14 542057 SKU55 DFRNCL8EBA 8.2 W also gives about 850 lm and replaces the 80-watt incandescent lamp. The price is the same - 98 rubles.

    With dimmable lamps, everything is not so good.

    As can be seen from the table, only the powerful pear lamp 542071 SKU13 61A100aQ15DW has a ripple level of 6-8%, which is quite acceptable. The pulsation of the other lamps is unacceptably high. When the lamp is lit at full brightness, the pulsation coefficient is 23-36%, which is almost indistinguishable by the eye, but when the brightness decreases, the pulsation coefficient increases to 52-76% and this pulsation is clearly visible, annoying and can lead to headaches and exacerbation of nervous diseases. The remaining parameters of the lamps are at a height, but from dimmable lamps I can recommend for purchase only the first lamp - a powerful “pear”.

    The 12-volt spot 542110 SKU148 1102011535-3 is also designated as dimmed, but it remains a mystery to me which dimmer it can work with. With a normal dimmer and transformer does not work, so I put it in the first table with non-dimmable lamps.

    At the end of October 2018, Diall lamps in new packages appeared in Castorum. They are not yet on the site and in the store they stood without price tags. Perhaps these are the same lamps, and maybe others. In the near future I will also buy them and test them.

    Diall non-dimmable lamps are simply excellent - cheap, with a 5-year warranty, with honest characteristics, without pulsation, with a good color rendering index. I recommend them for purchase.

    Dimmable lamps Diall unfortunately have a high level of pulsation, so they are better not to buy.

    The test results of all lamps Diall on Lamptest.ru .

    © 2018, Alexey Nadyozhin

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