DropBox hands out students / teachers again 2

    Dropbox University Cup is another promotion with a distribution of up to 25 GB for 2 years (until January 1, 2018).
    The promotion ends on December 14, 2015.

    How to register for the University Cup?
    1. Open the homepage of the University Cup .
    2. Log in to your Dropbox account (if you haven’t done so already).
    3. Confirm the email address that you have registered with a college, university or other educational institution (this should be exactly your address located on the domain of your university).
    4. Check your email, confirm the address and complete the registration.

    • If you see a blank page, disable the ad blocker.
    • Dropbox Business Accounts Cannot Participate in University Cup

    For registration / verification of the email you get 3GB of space.
    When registering a large number of participants from your educational institution, these participants receive an additional place (up to 22GB). For each approved educational institution, 3 points are set, at which space is added to the store. The first threshold is 5GB, the second is 7GB, and the third is 10GB.

    You can get a place by completing the following tasks (this way you will earn points for your entire university):
    • Install Dropbox on your computer and log in to your account - 20
    • Install Dropbox mobile app and log in to your account - 5
    • Create a new shared folder - 10
    • Create Access Link - 5
    • Create file request - 5
    • Invite a friend (this friend must accept the invitation) during the first week of your participation in the cup - 3 (per invitation)
    • Invite a friend (this friend must accept the invitation) after the first week of your participation in the cup - 1 (per invitation)

    The received bonus place can be checked at www.dropbox.com/account/bonus . Additional space will appear in your account an hour after your university reaches the threshold points.

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    UPD promotion
    seems to be the minimum “passing" score for a university to get the initial 3 GB - 458 points. thanks hiwent

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