Dell Solutions Forum 2015: Registration Open

    Dear colleagues!
    We are pleased to inform you that a month later, on October 21, Moscow will host the Dell Solutions Forum for the fourth time! The place of our meeting will again be the Radisson Slavyanskaya, and we invite everyone to take part in it.

    What is the Dell Solution Forum?
    The Dell Solutions Forum is a large-scale Dell event held in Russia as part of the worldwide Dell Solutions Tour event series. Here's how the Forum went last year .

    Dell 2015 Solutions Forum is held under the slogan "IT: a step into the future." Every day, the needs of organizations are growing: in order to remain competitive and be ready for tomorrow, they need more efficient virtualization technologies, large storage capacities, more powerful analytics tools, secure access to data from anywhere. Dell will present turnkey end-to-end solutions, products, and services that deliver maximum performance, ease of use, and flexibility. Moreover, during the forum, examples of successful implementation of technological projects for companies from various industries will be demonstrated. This year, thematic sessions will be organized so that you have the opportunity to study each of the areas in detail and discuss them as part of a dialogue between Dell experts and Forum participants.

    Mobility Employee mobility.
    How to ensure the mobility of employees and not lose control over the infrastructure? Dell experts will talk about how to integrate enterprise devices, applications and their management services. Our solutions will help you get the maximum benefits from the use of personal mobile devices of employees at work and reduce risks by reliably protecting corporate and personal devices in a physical, virtual and cloud environment.

    Cloud Increased IT efficiency and flexibility.
    The benefits of cloud computing for business are obvious. But an ill-conceived implementation strategy and the use of sandboxed solutions can lead to chaos and confusion in the IT architecture. You can go to the cloud infrastructure without losses using a universal approach that allows you to choose the platform and the provider that meet the needs of your business.

    Security Data protection: from user devices to the cloud.
    Security technologies today must take into account the realities and established methods of work for employees, take advantage of cloud technologies, the ability to work on personal devices and mobility to ensure employee productivity and efficiency and support innovation. We’ll show you how Dell end-to-end solutions deliver an exceptional level of security for your organization’s data, personal information, networks and services.

    Big Data Effective use of analytics to transform data into knowledge.
    How to transform structured and unstructured data into information useful to you faster, easier and more efficiently? Dell's Big Data Analysis solution combines natural language processing, self-learning, and tonality analysis with easy-to-use search and visualization capabilities to gather information, identify relationships, and make the most of big data. We will help you extract and analyze useful data in order to use this information to make more informed decisions.

    How is the Forum going?
    The Forum itself can be divided into two parts. Before lunch, you will be able to hear the keynote speech of the company, the speeches of our key partners - Intel and Microsoft, the IBS Platformix report, as well as witness a panel discussion on the development trends of storage technologies (software-defined storage (SDS), three-level flash memory (TLC ) ). The second part will feature thematic sessions and seminars by specialists of our company and partner companies, including Citrix, VMWare, NVidia and others.
    In addition, you can independently see all the key Dell products at the exhibition, as well as get acquainted with the ready-made solutions of our partners in the demonstration zone.

    For more information on the Dell 2015 Solution Forum program, seehere .

    Who is this event for?
    Our event will be of interest primarily to managers in the field of IT: directors, heads of departments, consultants and specialists.
    Within the framework of our Forum, you will have an excellent opportunity to communicate with Dell specialists, your colleagues and colleagues. This is a great opportunity to establish partnerships, and often friendships with experts in all relevant areas.

    Where, when and how to get there?
    What: Dell Solutions Forum 2015.
    When: October 21, 2015, Wednesday, from 09:00 to 18:30.
    Where: Moscow, Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Moscow, pl. Europe, d. 2 (metro "Kiev").
    How much: free.
    How to: register here .

    Learn more about the Dell 2015 Solution Forum here .

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