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    podcastWeb Standards podcast, Release # 142: Safari and Edge, performance budget, new HTML tags, Kiev community, who are Kotans ?, Release # 143: Chrome 70 and WebKit 2019, proportional tires, GitHub Actions, Adobe Fonts, ES6 weaknesses, frontend in Odessa.
    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 75 - Nikita Dubko on how to rapidly pump his career as a frontend developer for a year
    podcastCSSSR podcast News 512 - Issue 25 (15.10 - 21.10)
    podcastFrontend Youth (18+) podcast # 69 Java doesn’t keep up with JavaScript , # 68 Granny became Olympic champion in frontend

    Web development

    Google completely abandoned the ajax scanning scheme
    enHistory of front-end frameworks
    enHow does front-end debt grow?
    enSmart banding: how to give out obsolete code to old browsers
    enWonderful world of browser performance - how to be productive


    habrExamples of use Flexbox
    habrthe CSS: interesting opportunities border-RADIUS
    The property appearance and standardization of forms Elements of Style: A New Hope
    enRhythm in web typography
    enNegative line grids
    enUsing the definition of the functions, conventions and group selectors
    enStyling unit with speakers in Gutenberg
    enCSS Layout Handbook on MDN


    habrTypeScript magic school: generics and extension types
    John Muller advises optimizers to learn JavaScript
    0-day bug in popular jQuery plugin has been exploited for at least several years
    en33 concepts every JavaScript developer should know
    enTesting Javascript - find out the most effective way to test any JavaScript applications
    enpodcastJS Party podcast - Episode # 48: Foundation foundations (live at Node + JS Interactive)


    habrChrome 70 supports [feature list] and AV1 - why is support for this codec so important?
    Chrome 70 came out with the ability to disable the notorious auto-authorization feature and support PWA applications on Windows
    Upgrade TLS connections in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11
    Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari will stop supporting TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1
    Mozilla is experimenting with the addition of paid VPN in Firefox
    Signs of "Opera". Jon von Techner on the ideology of the browser Vivaldi


    Twenty Nineteen: first look at the new default theme in WordPress
    Atlassian released a completely redesigned Jira Software
    Google added integration of some of the features of Dropbox, Box, Jira and Egnyte services in Gmail
    Adobe Max 2018 and new design tools
    “Dirty googies Google+”: confession of a former project employee who hated Google
    • The new Winamp will be unveiled in 2019

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