Declaration of Declaration of Love or Write a Poem on Ruby on Rails


    In the near future, two events will happen right away: on September 14, at #tceh, we will start the “Hack into Ruby” educational course for those who want to learn how to code from scratch, and on September 26, everyone who already knows and loves Ruby will gather at the main Russian RoR conference RailsClub .

    To warm up this happiness, #tceh together with RailsClub offers to participate in the competition. The goal is to show the marvelous beauty of the Ruby code. The participant is required to combine his poetic and coding “I” - to write a declaration of love in Ruby or a poem that praises female beauty. The winner will receive tickets to the conference and free participation in the educational course!



    1. The participant of the contest attaches the code in the comments. The code must be working - this means that the interpreter should not throw an error.

    2. Only a person having an account on Habr can become a participant.

    3. There is only one option from each participant.

    4. The winner will be determined by the jury: girl-coder on RoR; a girl with knowledge of English, but without knowledge of RoR; male encoder on RoR. Each jury member gives participants from 1 to 5 points. An additional 5 points will be given to the author of the code with the highest rating. Who will score the most points, he won.

    5. We stop accepting work on September 10th. The result is September 12th.


    1st place: 2 RailsClub conference tickets and an educational course ticket“We are hacking into Ruby” - a course ticket is needed so that your sweetheart understands what you wrote to her.

    2nd place: 1 ticket to the RailsClub conference and a discount on the “We Rub Ruby” educational course for 30,000 rubles.

    3rd place: 50% discount on 1 ticket to the RailsClub conference and a 20,000 rubles discount on the “Hack into Ruby” educational course .

    UPD: summarizing - Wadik takes the first place, mannaro the second and printercu the third! In the next 10 hours we will send promo codes to the PM.

    Thanks to all!

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