Bigdata Conference - Biggest Big Data Conference Soon

    Colleagues, look around!

    "Big data" is much closer to you and there is much more than it seems. Despite the abundance of events on this topic, few people, "speaking between the girls between us," own the topic. And in order to squeeze the benefits and money out of information, you need to understand very well ..., namely, in the subtleties.

    The technology of "squeezing big data" is roughly divided into two, very very different layers - engineering and algorithmic. In the first monolith, the software is still quite raw, is booming, which makes developers “go rooftop” in simple words: you have to understand the tools from the “good old” Hadoop with HDFS, actively using Hive, Impala, Presto, Vertica and others and other ... and, in order not to lag behind competitors, jewelryly own the secrets of Apache Spark, piled on a beautiful concise Scala.

    On the other hand, one needs to be very well aware of the algorithms and methods for extracting “rules and patterns from data” and not flinch from the phrase “linear discriminant analysis”, not sweat when discussing the intricacies of “logistic regression on the annova core”, and not faint when demonstration "spectral factorization" and not try to wake up, representing the process of "clustering text in non-Euclidean space with the help of Locality-Sensitive Hashing» ;-)

    The worst thing in this situation, our children, do not let go lane tional computer - already versed in these technologies, we have much more confident! Guard.

    So, in order to subordinate "big data" to business and make them useful, we have 2 ways: long and correct.

    A long way - obliges you to study the following disciplines:
    - probability theory
    - linear algebra
    - differential calculus
    - graph theory
    - 100-500 algorithms ...
    - technology for processing "big data"
    It will take 50 years.

    And the right way is to go to our conference "Bigdata Conference"September 11, 2015 in Kiev. And literally in 2-4 days you will be able to organize in your company the processes of collecting and analyzing "big data", teach your colleagues how to use Rapidminer, implement the best machine learning algorithms - and take your business to a whole new level! And technical specialists will be able to replenish the piggy bank of knowledge from experts in the region - if only we would talk about Spark, clustering social graphs and, oh yes, effective “deep learning”!

    Looking forward to see you! Only a few days remain before the conference.

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