Acquaintance with “Audiomania”: 15 thematic materials about production, design, offices and business

    We invite everyone who wants to get acquainted with the company "Audiomania" - its history, production, employees and audio brands, which we are engaged under.

    In the photo: our shop on m. Elektrozavodskaya

    How our office and thematic showrooms

    • Photo tour of the office "Audiomania": part one . We invite you to take a walk around the company's office: look at our cinema halls and the big showroom. Let's tell about the design features of each of the rooms. For example, in one of our cinema halls the Dolby Atmos system is installed, we also have an installation based on the “invisible” acoustics Ceratec Cerasonar. With these and other interesting solutions, we will introduce you on a photo tour.

    • Review: Two new demo-cinema from "Audiomania" . In this review, you can read about the technical equipment of our cinema halls. What solutions were chosen to create multi-channel sound? How is cinema hall management implemented? These questions are answered in the article.

    • Review: ICE acoustics in a showroom . To demonstrate the speakers of their own design, produced in Riga under the brand ICE (Immersive Cinema Experience), Audiomania built a cinema with 19-channel sound. We will tell you about how we managed to do this in a historic building. Let us evaluate the sound quality of the brand models and talk about future plans.

    How our production works

    • Interview with the creators of acoustics Arslab . General Director of Audiomania Artem Faermark and Arslab Chief Engineer Yuri Fomin answer questions about the brand’s products and its future. From the conversation, we learn how new lines of acoustics are born, what characteristics buyers pay most attention to and what influences the sound of the speakers.

    • Arslab: accurate calculation as an art . Report from the production of Arslab in Riga. You will be told about the history of the brand and the process of creating cases for acoustics. Particular attention will be paid to equipment and machine tools with program control.

    • Notes from the factory where they make acoustics Arslab . Another article dedicated to the Riga plant "Audiomania". Let us explain why we collect the equipment there. We will talk about our belief in affordable High End, the expertise of the company's employees and production equipment.

    In the photo: the engineering room in the office of "Audiomania"

    • Yuri Fomin: "Acoustic system is a complex but accurate mathematical model . " Professional engineer Yuri Fomin answers questions about the design of columns and shares his experience. How should approach the discussion of transistor amplifiers and tube, which programs use designers of audio systems and how long it takes to develop new models - read about it in the article.

    • Founder of "Audiomania" about doing business in the 90s . “Audiomania” started from a small shop on Gorbushka, and now the company has full-fledged showrooms and its own audio production in Riga. In this interview, the company's founder, Artem Faermark, talks about the development of a business, starting a business in the 90s, searching for the equipment segment and launching production.

    Speak with you in simple words

    • We are discussing Hi-Fi trends: a sound podcast transcript . In the 43rd issue of Sound, we talk with Timofey Shikolenkov about trends in the audio industry. Let's talk about "smart" portable speakers, HD Audio and miniaturization of audio systems. Let us discuss how the reading habits of audiophiles changed over time. We’ll tell you about noise canceling headphones and the future that awaits this category of products.

    • Brand Old School: The 38th release of the podcast . This issue is dedicated to the acoustics of Old School, produced in the production of Audiomania in Riga. Initially, the brand focused on the European buyer, but then liked the demanding Russian audience. Here we talk about the key products of the brand. We also discuss current trends in the design of acoustic systems: as a fashion for minimalism, it gives way to a large and noticeable technique.

    • "How audio equipment enters the store": the 30th release of the podcast . We will acquaint you with the way the “Audiomania” business is built: what is the main focus on, how is the work within the team organized and how is the pricing going on? We trace the entire cycle of the turnover of goods - from production to delivery. What can turn the purchase of acoustics from the storefront? Why you should listen to the opinion of consultants? You are waiting for answers to these and other questions.

    • "Development of acoustics": the 22nd release of the podcast . This conversation with Yuri Fomin will be interesting to anyone who is passionate about the design of acoustics. For half an hour we managed to discuss the development of components, the costs involved, the design features of loudspeakers and the marketing of audio equipment. We describe the process of creating a speaker and talk about the difficulties of DIY audio.

    • Conservative Sound: 34th podcast release . The founder of Audiomiania, Artem Fairmark, talks about the brands Arslab and Penaudio. And the experiments undertaken by the company to promote them. We are discussing the conservative nature of the Hi-Fi and High End equipment markets, speakers with an unusual design, branding of audio equipment and upgrading of familiar models to users.

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