Joker 2018: the impossible is possible

    On October 19-20, 2018, the long-awaited Java event of the second half of the year, the Joker 2018 conference, took place in St. Petersburg . Details, impressions, details - all further.

    The goal of a good technical conference, which is Joker 2018 , is to make the impossible possible:

    • listen and chat with real world stars of the subject area (conference speakers);
    • get the opportunity to meet in one place with a lot of smart, qualified people (conference participants) who have common interests and context with you (read books and articles, used frameworks, listen podcasts);
    • find out about something new, making the impossible possible for you yesterday.


    The conference was preceded by serious preparation, including a series of articles on Habré on the blog of the Group that are directly related to the conference:

    The greatest, in my opinion, influence on the choice of reports for viewing could have an interview with the speakers. My favorites from the above interviews are conversations with Josh Long from Pivotal and BellSoft employees , Alexander Belokrylov and Alexey Voitilov.

    The hall of the EXPOFORUM convention and exhibition center where the conference was held. New this year - demo zone. Autograph sessions with book authors - Baruh Sadogursky signs the book Liquid Software .

    The beginning of the conference

    Alexey Fedorov, Andrey Dmitriev and Ivan Dolgov open the conference. Presentation of the program committee and speakers, greeting sponsors.

    First day

    Don't walk away from complexity, run
    Venkat Subramaniam, Agile Developer, Inc. Venkat is not the first time , speaking at conferences held . To a large extent on the subject of the report, there was an interview with Venkat , taken before the conference. On the complexity in its various manifestations, including technological, from one of the best speakers and qualified engineers in the world. Honey, try ARM? Theory, applications and workloads Alexander Belokrylov and Alexei Voytylov, BellSoft Representatives of the young company BellSoft about the current situation with the hardware and software parts of ARM (see the details of the company's organization in an interview

    ). Regular participants of meetings and conferences had the opportunity to once again listen and meet well-known to them Alexander Belokrylov and Dmitry Chuiko, having become acquainted with Alexey Voitylov.

    Salvation from Jar Hell using Jigsaw Layers
    Nikita Lipsky, Excelsior LLC I definitely try to attend the reports of Nikita, who traditionally does not disappoint listeners with original themes and a high level of hardcore. This time, a detailed explanation of the reason for rejecting versioning in the Jigsaw modular system was chosen as the topic . To solve the problem of version conflicts proposed Jigsaw Layers , which are described in detail. Spring Boot 2: what is not written in release notes

    Vladimir Plizga, CFT Probably the most practical report for most conference participants. Spring and Spring Boot are currently the dominant tools in enterprise development, so the problems encountered when upgrading to the second version of Spring Boot are highly relevant. I was surprised by the number and variety of possible rakes. Not by the Same Spring Dmitry Alexandrov, T-Systems Report on the young specification for building microservices - Eclipse MicroProfile . Before the report, we managed to try four of its implementations: Hammock , Thorntail (formerly WildFly Swarm

    ), Helidon and Payara Micro . I liked very much the detailed presentation of the difference between Dmitry in different versions of the specification, an excellent report.

    The adventures of Senor Holmes and Junior Watson in the world of software development [Joker Edition]
    Yevgeny Borisov, Naya Technologies and Baruch Sadogursky, JFrog A modified version of Adventures, which premiered at JPoint 2018 six months ago (see details ). Brilliant performance of Baruch and Eugene. To the previously submitted cases "Post Office" and "Poison Spring" was added the case "German spy." Interviews Viewers of the online broadcast had an additional opportunity to view the interviews in the breaks between the reports. Interview taken Oleg

    olegchir Chirukhin, Eugene phillennium Trifonov and Gleb Smirnov glebir .

    As can be seen below, interviews are conducted with Robert Scholte, Pavel Finkelstein, Ivan Uglyansky, Oleg Shelayev and Dmitry Chuiko. They also interviewed representatives of sponsors, for example, Sberbank , Innopolis and Futurice . Round table with Joker organizers

    A very interesting question and answer session with the participants of the program committee of the conference. There was a rare opportunity to ask any questions regarding the mechanisms for receiving and preparing reports, choosing topics for the conference, solving unforeseen situations, etc. etc. The questions were answered by the participants of the PC Andrei Kogun, Vladimir Sitnikov, Andrei Dmitriev, Dmitry Alexandrov. They were assisted by the head of Group Alexey Fedorov and program coordinator Daria Kudinova. BoF sessions BoF

    There were five sessions at the conference: “Proper API design”, “Java 11 - go or not?”, “Tooling (IDEs, CI, etc.)”, “Production troubleshooting”, “From FP to Reactive” (the first four in Russian language, the last - in English). It was possible to choose a topic closer to yourself, to choose exactly where to go.

    Second day

    Compiling Java ahead-of-time with GraalVM
    Oleg Shelayev, Oracle A wonderful introductory talk about GraalVM from Oleg Shelayev ( Java Champion , ex- ZeroTurnaround , co-founder of vJUG ). Oleg told about the device and features of the SubstrateVM virtual machine , the advantages and the existing shortcomings of GraalVM (limited, for example, by the support of the Spring Framework ). It was interesting and useful to see a practical demonstration after the presentation. Micronaut vs Spring Boot, or Who is the smallest? Kirill Tolkachev and Maxim Gorelikov, TSIAN

    Both speakers, and Cyril, and Maxim, had time to change their place of work with the Alpha Laboratory from the previous conference. The report was about comparing the currently fashionable microframe for building Micronaut microservices with the classic Spring Boot (in the second part of the report Spark appeared in comparison ).

    The comparison was made according to the following criteria: ease of generating files using the CLI , the minimum amount of memory to run, the success of the launch, the stability of the response to requests and so on. To keep the intrigue - the results of the comparison can be found when viewing the report.

    Java Puzzlers NG S04: Ha, with this release cycle, it seems the puzzle players are with you for a long time!
    Baruh Sadogursky, JFrog and Tagir Valeev, JetBrains The fourth season of incendiary Java puzzlers from Tagir and Baruch. Baruch in a frog costume - a hint of belonging to the JFrog team (I don’t even know which suit would fit Tagir, with which JetBrains is associated ?). The rules are the same - choose and vote for one of the answers (compiled / not compiled, how the code behaves, non-obvious behavior, knowledge of the specification and, alas, Java implementation errors ). Fun, exciting, exciting! Attribute-based authorization: how we stopped giving away roles and taking up politics Politicians Anton Lapitsky, CUSTIS

    Anton made a review of the existing different approaches for access control, focusing on attribute -based access control ( Attribute-Based Access Control , ABAC ). The XACML standard was mentioned and the original EasyABAC framework was introduced that can be used. The framework is implemented on the basis of the project WSO2 Balana .

    The report may be interesting and useful for Java-projects in which there arose a similar need for attribute-based authorization.

    Walking dead objects, or GC is always right
    Ivan Uglyansky, Excelsior LLC Ivan’s second speech at conferences (see the speech at

    JPoint 2018 ). Ivan is one of the initiators of the Excelsior JET blog creation and co-organizer of JUGNsk .

    A report on the features of implementing garbage collection strategies with thriller elements in four parts: “Ghost Objects”, “F-reachables”, “ Nepotism ” and “Conservatism”. The original fascinating report on the prepared listener. Humorous reaction of the listener of the report .

    Kotlin - 2 years in production and not a single break
    Pavel Finkelstein, lamoda Pasha could be regularly met at previous Java conferences as an active participant, so it was very interesting to see him in his new role as a speaker.

    Due to the increasing prevalence and attractiveness of the Kotlin language, this is a very relevant report. Features of using Kotlin in enterprise development, possible problems and solutions. At the end of the report, he very kindly, comprehensively and fully answered the questions of the audience.

    New reality of digital civilization
    Andrei Kurpatov

    The final report of the conference was the narration of a well-known psychotherapist about the issues of the influence of the information environment on the human brain, information pseudo-workability, digital dementia and so on. Listeners, speakers and conference participants could not be better fall into the category of information-dependent (one of the goals of attending the conference is to get even more information). Nevertheless, the information obtained on this report is also useful, expanding knowledge and horizons. The report can be recommended for viewing.

    Interview of the second day except for Oleg Chirukhin and Evgeny Trifonov was taken by Vladimir Krasilshchik. Questions were asked including Yegor Bugayenko, Sergey Melnikov and Nikita Lipsky. Eugene interviews Robert Scholte ,

    Nicolai Parlog , Josh Long and Venkat Subramaniam . The stands of the sponsors - Alfa-Bank , T-Systems , Deutsche Bank were not forgotten .


    Closing of the conference: general photo and summing up of the conference by Oleg Chirukhin, Andrey Dmitriev, Alexey Fedorov and Yevgeny Trifonov. Star speakers of the Java platform, even more participants, more friendly ticket prices, successful old forms (discussion zones and BoF sessions) and completely new ones (demo zones) - the Joker conference added a little bit again. Do not forget to leave a review about the conference to receive a link to the video of all the reports and, of course, to make the next conference even better.

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