New PhpStorm 9: Continuous Forward. Postfix code completion for PHP, Inline Debugger and more

    Hello, Habr!

    I’m in a hurry to announce the latest release of PhpStorm 9 , the new version of the IDE for developing in PHP from JetBrains.

    Progress will not be long in coming, because in PhpStorm 9 we improved the ability to edit code and debug, deepened our understanding of the code, implemented additional tools to increase productivity, and also completed the support of remote development.

    Work with the PHP language and editor

    Deep code understanding

    All subsystems related to PHP have been updated in this version. The most important improvements include:
    • Refactoring Introduce Parameter
    • Advanced PHP Type Inference
    • Support for persistent language inserts
    • New inspections and intention actions

    Postfix Code Completion for PHP

    In PhpStorm 9, we added postfix code completion. With it, you can replace one expression (which you have already entered) with another, depending on the postfix being added. The function is useful precisely if you have already entered something and now would like to change this expression without returning or changing the code.

    For example, if the postfix “.if” is added to a logical expression, it will be automatically wrapped by the if branch operator, and the cursor will move to the operator body.

    Thus postfix completion saves a lot of time moving the cursor in the opposite direction.

    Partial support for PHP 7

    The release of PHP 7 is just around the corner, so we have added partial support for PHP 7 at the level of choosing the language version and the corresponding PHP interpreter, as well as support for return type hints.

    Thus, the added support allows you to use PHP 7 in new projects now (before the support of PHP 7, using return type hints caused errors and red code in the IDE). Full support for PHP 7 in PhpStorm is expected soon.

    More convenient debugging

    Inline Debugger for PHP

    Thanks to the Inline Debugger, all variable data received from the debugger is displayed directly in the editor. Thus, all variable values ​​are seamlessly integrated into the editor interface.

    Using Inline Debugger, variable values ​​can be seen directly in the source code, next to their uses, which greatly simplifies the debugging process. You do not need to move the mouse over a variable or switch to the variable panel in the debugger window!

    Debugging process

    The debugging process becomes even simpler and less painful with this release. Setting up the PHP environment itself used to be a big problem. We are confident that new features will help overcome these obstacles by:
    • Improved debugger configuration validation
    • opening the corresponding php.ini for editing from the settings;
    • Import server settings from deployment settings
    • and many other improvements.

    Remote development

    Remote edit

    Version 9 adds one of the most popular features in the history of PhpStorm - Remote Edit. Open single files directly from a remote server (FTP, SFTP, FTPS, etc.) and edit them in the IDE without saving / loading to a local project.

    To start editing a file from a remote server, simply select Edit Remote File from the context menu or double-click the file.

    Running remote tools through a remote PHP interpreter

    Support for remote PHP interpreters (introduced in PhpStorm 8) allows you to run applications and tools in an environment similar to the production environment. You can easily use the virtualized environment launched with Vagrant in conjunction with all the tools. In PhpStorm 9, so-called remote development becomes a reality thanks to the support of running PHP Code Sniffer and Mess Detector through remote PHP interpreters.

    Improvements in interaction with frameworks and third-party tools

    In addition to our efforts to support the latest technologies and tools, the ecosystem of third-party plug-ins for PhpStorm is steadily developing. Take a look at the plugin repository - there appeared a lot of plugins for various frameworks and tools.

    Front End Development Tools

    PhpStorm includes all the features of WebStorm (including all the features of WebStorm 10 , some as free plug-ins).

    PhpStorm 9 has completely redesigned JavaScript support and added support for the following web technologies:
    • application dependency diagrams;
    • tracing languages ​​transcribed in JavaScript;
    • profiling Node.js applications using V8;
    • tag editing at the same time:

    IntelliJ Platform

    This release borrows a lot of features and capabilities from IntelliJ Platform:
    • Distraction Free Mode:

    • Difference viewer with one-way viewing mode:

    • improvements in integration with version control systems;
    • updated database tools;
    • HiDPI support for Windows and Linux;
    • updated view of editor tabs, and much more.

    Where to read more?

    You can find more information about PhpStorm 9 on our other resources. Or you can watch a short video :

    In our English-language blog and in the tutorial section, we have collected materials on most of the features described in this post (and many others). In addition, you may be interested in attending a webinar with our Product Marketing Manager Mikhail Vink on July 22 - you can register here .

    What's next?

    Download the free 30-day trial version of PhpStorm 9 on the product page, which also has even more details about the new version .

    Upgrading to version 9 is free for anyone who has purchased a license after July 8, 2014.

    We will be very glad to see comments and suggestions on the new version in our bug tracker or in the comments here on the hub

    And of course, follow PhpStorm on Twitter to stay abreast of our news!

    Program with pleasure!
    - JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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