There was an almost two-hour crash in the services of YouTube, now the service has become operational

    At about 4 am Moscow time, users of YouTube (owned by Google) were faced with a service failure (500 Internal Server Error).

    At 6 am, MSK, the service was restored.

    Problems affected users in different countries of the world, including Russia.
    The most number of complaints fell on the USA, Australia, Japan, European countries.

    When trying to access the main page of the service, users saw a blank page without an error message.

    All video content uploaded to the service stopped working, including via links to third-party resources.

    Users mostly observed this error:

    Failure statistics:

    Service comments on the problem:

    Thank you for your reports of problems with YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music. We are working on a solution to this issue and will notify you about it after correction. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    It took less than two hours to solve the main problem:

    We returned! Thank you for your patience. If you continue to experience problems, let us know.

    It is interesting that there was a problem, because it quickly eliminated it.

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