How to enter the magistracy or graduate school without exams: a new track - “Robotics” at the Olympiad “I am a Professional”

    This year ITMO University is again co-organizing the Olympiad " I am a professional ". This is a multidisciplinary competition for students. Today we will talk about the goals and timing of the Olympiad. In addition, we will present a new track “Robotics”.

    The general partner of the “I am a Professional” Olympiad in the areas of ITMO University is Computer Science, Information and Cyber ​​Security, Big Data - Sberbank.

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    “I am a professional”: why and for whom

    Last year, at Habré we talked about several Olympiad tracks at once: " Photonics ", " Information and Cybersecurity " and " Computer Science ".

    We believe that students should not get into a situation where their career begins with the phrase "Forget about everything that you were taught in high school." The Olympics “I am a professional” is an attempt to give an alternative approach when the employer does not have to retrain a practically fully trained specialist. Therefore, we at ITMO University strive to provide maximum opportunities for students to develop as highly qualified experts during their studies, plus within the framework of thematic and multidisciplinary competitions.

    The purpose of the Olympiad:check the professional knowledge of students from all over Russia and acquaint them with the real requirements of employers. Bachelors, specialists and masters can participate. The assignments are made by representatives of leading universities and companies in the country, and based on the results of their implementation, companies are employed, they are invited to internships, and universities provide incentives for admission to graduate or postgraduate studies. Winners also receive cash prizes.

    Registration: will last until November 22. The Olympiad includes 54 thematic tracks in 7 directions. Participants can select multiple tracks at once.

    Qualifying round: will be held from November 24 to December 9 online. Skip it can those who passedAt least two online courses from the list approved by the organizers .

    Successful participation in the qualifying stage allows you to submit a motivation letter and an application for the passage of a "winter school" in the chosen direction. These are educational courses that take place at leading universities with the participation of business representatives.

    Final stage: scheduled for February 2019 and will be held in large universities across the country. For full-time participation you need to choose a university where you can come.

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    The results of the “I am a professional” Olympiad will be published on the official website in March-April 2019. Leaders from among the participants will be invited to the awards ceremony. The winners of the Olympiad will receive awards in the amount of 200 and 300 thousand rubles, plus the highest mark in the core exam for admission to the magistracy or graduate school at leading universities in the country, including the ITMO University. Today we will tell about the track "Robotics". This is a novelty for participants of this year’s Olympiad.

    Track "Robotics": what you need to know

    Robotics unites mechanics, electronics, and control. Therefore, the appearance of this track in the framework of the “I am a professional” Olympiad is fully justified. Here we, as one of the track curators, have combined and adapted our developments in robotics and other disciplines, plus we have taken into account the experience of organizing thematic events of a similar level [for example, the All-Russian Student Olympiad in Applied Mechanics ].

    Before launching the track, we appreciated the experience of the past year and made the following changes:

    We gave assignments for participants a “modern twist”. It was important for us not only to adapt our developments to a robotic theme, but also to make the tasks interesting, modern and applied. Yandex.Contest platformallowed us to diversify the qualifying stage of programming tasks. Here we have used the most common programming languages ​​in robotics.

    We divided the track into thematic subsections ( this change is in the process of discussion and coordination among the organizers of the Olympiad ). This - algorithms, mechanics and electronics. At the moment we are discussing the possibility of choosing the winners of the track, including at the level of these subsections. This will give benefits for admission not only to the leaders of the overall Olympiad standings, but also to the winners of regional tours, who have shown themselves to be the best in a particular subsection of robotics.

    Strengthened interaction with partners. Last year, we saw how the Olympiad affected the development of students and their careers. Unfortunately, we saw a rather low activity of engaging students in the work of partner companies. Therefore, this year we decided to strengthen this component and worked out the interaction with the business. Track "Robots" partners: the company " Motility ", NGO "humanoid machines", the DNS company "Center of development of robotics", "Far Eastern Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair", LLC "TPA", Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Yandex and Sberbank, Pipe metallurgical company and Sinara Group, VTB Bank and others ).

    Participation in the track "Robotics" is recommended for those who are studying or planning to enter the master or postgraduate school in the following areas of training:

    • Software engineering
    • Computer Science and Engineering
    • applied mechanics
    • Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
    • Mathematics and Computer Science
    • Electronic engineering

    Universities organizing the track: ITMO University, Far Eastern Federal University, Ural Federal University, “MIREA - Russian Technological University”, Innopolis University, Siberian State University of Science and Technology (the general list of universities-organizers of the “I am a Professional” Olympiad is available here ).

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