Do not let the 3D printer lazy

    Probably, each of us has a gadget or device that we do not use: a simulator, a player, kitchen equipment, all sorts of strange things for the car, cords, hubs, and so on. They lie, the new ones, with warranties and waiting for their time for years, which more often than not is not allowed to happen - scientific and technical progress is moving too fast. This is how our personal museum of modern technology forms on shelves and in closets. Which has recently been added to another exhibit - a 3D printer. Or not?

    Someone 3D printer uses and so

    Why do we throw gadgets?

    In fact, the reason for the refusal of the gadget lies in the reason for the purchase - we buy it because you can, it seems necessary, wow how cool, and suddenly it will come in handy. All these motifs contain a delayed action mechanism inside them: the device will not be used in the future. But this is not the only problem.

    1. We use only part of the potential of our gadgets due to redundancy of functionality, complexity, or even high cost. For example, we buy a powerful laptop, and in fact we work in a text editor and use an Internet browser. Meanwhile, the computing power of a PC is simply idle.
    2. Sometimes users are trapped because they do not know the necessary conditions for the functioning of the products. Geeks and habrovchan it concerns, of course, in the last turn, but there are many examples in everyday life. For example, no HD TV will make the picture perfect if there is no high definition television source (there is no HDTV broadcast).
    3. Consumers are being advertised, some kind of functionality in the picture seems amazing, but in fact it takes time, effort, or just does not fit into the living conditions. For example, some people were on the Xbox with Kinect on board, dreaming of dancing, gestural games and squash playing with one palm, but in fact faced a loss of interest from the household, problems with the organization of space, and so on.
    4. We experience the wow-effect, begin to hunt for a novelty, turn on the ancient instincts of the earner, get the desired and ... finally cool down, leaving the gadget gathering dust on the shelf.

    As a result, the technique is abandoned.

    And what about 3D printers?

    And here, according to the experience of our thousands of buyers of 3D printers, the Gearbest team has an unequivocal answer: you need a gadget.

    There are four reasons for this.

    1. It is inexpensive. For example, the super popular model (which, by the way, was bought including Habr's readers - we all considered) Creality 3D Ender will cost only $ 179.99. Consumables and even cheaper. Of course, this is a basic model, without any special bells and whistles, but reliable as the AK-47 and very productive. For household tasks, minor repairs, hobbies and DIY projects - the best option.
    2. It is quite utilitarian: for example, one of the rescue missions of the humanitarian organization Field Ready, after one of the earthquakes, saved the water supply system for the affected village. Two engineers used their Land Rover as a 3D printer platform and printed a bunch of plastic pipe fittings. And not a special super unit was used, but a simple home 3D printer (for example, like the Alfawise U20 ). Likewise, you can print the things you need at home - and exactly the ones you need: fittings, keys for burners, holders, false corners for furniture (from younger brothers, as well as smaller and fluffy), hooks, phone cases, boxes for flash drives and a lot of interesting things.
    3. Many users are afraid to buy 3D printers, because they do not know how to simulate and are absolutely afraid to master the new software in full - the maximum is to modify, edit, run. This is a vain fear: there are a lot of sites with numerous sketches, plastic copies of their masterpieces offer to print museums and a collection of NASA models is especially great - just for them you should buy a 3D printer.

      Mars Curiosity Rover from NASA
    4. 3D printing is the coming and coming future, many industrial, scientific and household solutions will be based on this technology. This is not a toy and not entertainment at times, it is an important element in the formation of the engineer of the 21st century.

    A 3D printer very quickly becomes, if not indispensable, then just the right thing in the house: it is interesting for both children and parents, suitable for everyday use and for hobby projects. We sketched a list of ways to use the printer and picked up some interesting 3D models that can be made on an entry-level printer, for example, on the pet of so many owners of Anet A6 home printers .

    The most interesting thing for us is the use of 3D printers in experiments with electronics and miniature PCs based on Raspberry , Orange Pi, Arduino . The interest is that your project will look exactly as you need, and not as it was designed by the manufacturer of stamped parts and panels.

    For example, you can make a strong protective case for the Orange Pi:

    Link to project

    A you can build your own gaming console on the Raspberry Pi:

    Link to the project

    The second massive task that the 3D printer solves is learning issues, both for young children (you can type letters, cubes, puzzles and not be sorry to break them) and for older students and schoolchildren. For example, if you teach chemistry or try to explain it to your brother or child in school, a visual 3D model of molecules and bonds will play into your hands. Not to mention how cool it is to print the planets of the solar system and fascinatingly analyze astronomy issues.

    What it gives:

    • spatial imagination is formed
    • develop skills in teamwork and sharing materials and equipment
    • due to the visualization and introduction of game elements, the learning process is facilitated
    • Elder children and adults develop CAD skills - they can work with drawings and design their objects, getting them in tangible form
    • three-dimensional constructions help to explain rather complex concepts (for example, some problems from geometry)
    • an important skill is being formed to correct deficiencies and complete the work (all models must be carefully finished with scissors, a knife and other tools).

    In this area again, the leading position is occupied by the development of the Arduino and modeling for it. For example, the design and programming of such a car will be interesting to both the younger ones and their technically advanced elders:

    Link to the project

    And if you buy components and try to assemble your drone, then there will be no limit to delight at all:

    Link to the project

    Another very popular way to use it is minor repairs, furniture handles, various fasteners and utilities (hooks, suspensions, etc.).

    The advantage of a 3D printer is undeniable here: you do not need to look for a suitable part, wait for your order to arrive, be upset that something does not fit. It is enough to measure, design and print in the desired color.

    How do you, for example, have such a USB holder that does not fall off, like an Ashanovsky for 120 rubles, but will serve at least several years:

    Link to the project

    Another fairly simple, but elegant, useful and interesting DIY project - these are the watches:

    Link to the project

    There is another way to use a 3D printer, already in a corporate environment: souvenir and modeling. If you have a small company, you can pleasantly surprise counterparties by sending them intricate playful souvenirs printed on a 3D printer. And for advertising agencies to note: the printed prototype of the order, even in very poor quality and in one color, significantly approximates the time of signing the contract and the coordination of the project. It's all about psychology: the person who has held the thing in his hands already considers it a little bit his own. For corporate use, you can choose a model that supports two colors - for example, this is the starting version of the Geeetech A10M . Cheaper coffee machines, and fan ten times more.

    Some crazy ideas.

    You can carry out orders for 3D models from individuals - this is a very specific segment, and you can have time to make a name for yourself and generate demand. But we need a more expensive printer or a starter for rough work + more sophisticated for basic needs. And if we can safely and confidently recommend the Creality 3D Ender among the starters , then among the coolest we will have to make our own choices, based on needs and ideas. For example, for relatively large pieces one of the best options is Creality3D CR 300x300x400 mm.

    Creality 3D Ender - a stunning and popular starter printer for $ 179.99

    You can shoot a cartoon in which all the characters and the entourage will be printed on a 3D printer. Almost the evolution of plasticine animation. By the way, making a cartoon is a very exciting and unusual occupation. As of 2018, it is very IT.

    Of course, we will not say that a 3D printer is to sit down and start working wonders. Not. From the first time it will not work, it will not work from the second. To this gadget you need to adapt, to understand the principles of operation and design, to understand the materials. The technology of 3D printing has already passed the stage of innovation - now it is utilitarian functions for the tasks of professionals and amateurs who have been conquered by simplicity, environmental friendliness, availability of production and the ability to create things that seemed inaccessible just yesterday.

    In short, do things!

    And tell me what your 3D printer is, what it does on your desk, what are your impressions?

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