TM restarts My Circle

    The new owner of the My Circle service is TM. Yandex, the former owner of the service, and TM, the publisher of projects for IT professionals, offer users a look at the updated version of the service.

    How did this happen

    TM develops , a professional network of professionals involved in the information technology industry. This service stood out from Habr a few years ago and is now actively developing, helping specialists find interesting jobs, and companies to strengthen their team.

    To make the service even more attractive, we took courage and offered Yandex to combine Brainstorage with My Circle, another popular project among IT specialists. After spending many months in the negotiations, we finally found a common language and agreed.

    What changed

    Previously, “My Circle” was rather a social network of specialists of various profiles. Personal ties and the opportunity to make new acquaintances with friends were paramount. The user of the service first of all followed the career changes of his friends, as well as the vacancies that they posted.

    In the new “My Circle” we left the concept of a social network, highlighting the opportunity for unfamiliar employers and job seekers to find each other. At the same time, we narrowed down the subject matter of the resource, limiting it only to the IT industry, which includes such areas of activity as: programming, layout, design, management, web analytics, marketing and others.

    We have saved some elements of the social network — for example, friendship, reviews about each other and others — but time will tell whether we will develop in this direction and bring personal connections to the forefront, as it was before.

    If earlier the placement of vacancies was free, now it has become paid. All vacancies that were previously posted on the old “My Circle” were transferred to the new service, and all of them were paid for placement for one month.

    How does the updated service work?

    With the help of My Circle, employers find specialists for themselves, and job seekers find work in various fields of the IT industry.

    Employers post vacancies for their companies, receive feedback from interested jobseekers, and select those who seem most suitable to them. Now it’s important for employers to carefully fill out the profiles of their companies to talk about the company itself and the working conditions in it to potential unfamiliar job seekers.

    Applicants look for interesting vacancies, respond to them and receive an invitation to cooperation from employers who posted these vacancies. It is now much more important for applicants to carefully fill out their profile in order to talk about their specialization and professional skills, about their experience and achievements to employers unfamiliar to them.

    More details about how the service works:

    What will happen to

    While testing the new version of “My Circle”, the Brainstorage service will work without any changes. As before, vacancies from the service will be announced on all TM projects, and a link to the project will be available in the header of the site. Upon completion of testing, the service will be merged with My Circle.

    Service beta testing period

    The updated My Circle is in beta. To try it, you must accept the user agreement and update personal data.

    We completely rewrote the service engine and are setting up the system. Therefore, please report errors and other oddities in the feedback form .

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