Joker 2018 Bonuses: Free Live Webcast, Bags, Party, and Desktops

    A few days are left before the Joker 2018 conference: it will be held this Friday and Saturday, October 19-20 at the Expoforum. You already know about 42 reports and hundreds of participants, but we have prepared something else.

    By tradition, a free online broadcast will be launched directly on YouTube. But only the first day and the first hall . Between presentations, keynote speakers will be interviewed.
    Link to broadcast

    In the free broadcast you will find the following:
    • Venkat Subramaniam, one of the best speakers in the Java world, will perform keynote;
    • Nikolay Parlog, the famous speaker, blogger and author of The Java Module System, will talk about the features of Java 11;
    • Harald Wendel from TransferWise will talk about solving transactional problems in microservices;
    • Andrei Pangin from Odnoklassniki company enchantingly dot the point about why Java is eating memory, and what to do about it;
    • Tagir Valeev from JetBrains will tell you how Java authors see pattern matching, and what new features are required to make it convenient to use;
    • "The Adventures of Senor Holmes and Junior Watson in the world of software development" are returned in a special Joker Edition, and Yevgeny Borisov and Baruch Sadogursky report.

    Detailed reports are available here .

    Of course, the conference is not only a video, a significant part of it takes place offline. For those who go live, I want to remind you of a few additional chips.

    5 boF sessions

    The conference is going on for two days, so we are waiting for an increased number of bofs:

    • Proper API design
    • Java 11 - go or not?
    • Tooling (IDEs, CI, etc.)
    • Production troubleshooting
    • From FP to Reactive

    If you are interested, BoF stands for “birds of a feather”, and its origin is counted from the first IETF rallies . Participants in Java One may recall that there were also bofs there often.

    BoF is now a traditional format at our conferences. Something like a round table or discussion group in which everyone can take part.

    No division by speaker and participant: everyone is on a par. This is important for at least three reasons:

    • The format of the report is very useful because of its focus on a specific topic and the lack of opportunity to be distracted. Everyone is sitting and listening to the speaker. The BoF session is suitable for full-fledged communication between all participants and allows you to cover a wide range of related topics.
    • Among the participants are many cool specialists. They do not have a report at this conference, but this in no way diminishes their coolness. Often they are speakers at our other conferences, or occupy leading positions in well-known companies.
    • Not everyone has time to ask questions in the discussion area, even if they spent more than an hour with the speaker there.

    Here you can grab the most backstage part of the conference and find out what no one ever writes about.

    Discussion areas

    After each report, the speaker goes to a dedicated discussion area, where you can talk with him and ask your questions.

    Formally, this can be done in a break between reports. Speakers are not required, but usually stay much longer - for example, for the duration of the next report. Sometimes it makes sense to skip the report from the main program (if you bought a ticket, you still have records) and spend it on focused communication with an important expert.

    It is extremely important not to stand on the sidelines, but to participate in the discussion and ask your questions. From time to time popular speakers are surrounded by a whole crowd of people willing, so it makes sense to immediately “catch” the speaker, go to the discussion area with him, stand in the front row and feel free to ask interesting questions.

    Communication is not limited to the report, which takes place on Joker. If you have seen speeches of a particular author, for example, at our other conferences or on YouTube, you can try to discuss these topics too.

    Drinks, Snacks and Music

    Communication in a relaxed atmosphere with colleagues and your favorite speaker over a glass of foam or red. Unobtrusive music and bar for those who love "hotter". Warm lamp atmosphere. Everything as you like.

    Board games

    A large set of nastolk that you can play with friends and colleagues. You only need to choose a game, and then the game master will explain the rules and help you get started.

    The Joker 2018 conference will be held at the Expocenter on October 19-20, that is, this Friday and Saturday. You can still buy tickets on the official website .

    See you on Joker!

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