The one who overtakes Tesla. For more profitable

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    And now briefly ( for it took too much time to join ).

    There is a startup Sono Motors in Munich, which, on the basis of crowdfunding, filed down its e-car - and soon its production will start, and maybe even earlier.

    Link tonokki

    Nuances? Unusual? Differences from hundreds of other oil ?

    They are.

    1. The roof, hood and doors are covered with solar panels.

    2. For the “average day” in the open air, panels collect energy sufficient for up to 30 km of run.

    3. Naturally, the battery is charged from the ordinary household network - and its volume is enough for several hundred kilometers. But at the same time ...

    4. The charging socket (located at the front, above the bumper) works not only “at the reception”, but can also produce energy “outside” - with the ability to connect both mobile phone chargers and fairly arbitrary household energy consumers: camper refrigerators, computers , audio video devices, etc.

    5. But that's not all: the manufacturer, along with the delivery of the car, also provides a separate service and a mobile application to it. And with the help of this environment, the owner (being, for example, on vacation far from his steel horse) can share his car on the map as ... a charging station. With the ability to put up (probably even in the form of “bidding for bargaining”) the price per kilowatt-hour and the amount of energy allowed for selection by the consumer.

    6. Naturally, this car can also serve as a mobile emergency charging station for a large and serious Tesla devastated somewhere “in the fields”.

    7. In addition, regardless of the preceding paragraphs, an interface is proposed (application, database, etc.) for renting a car to third parties for certain time periods ( car sharing, if roughly and in transliteration ).

    8. And the trend-green ( in the sense of a record 17.5% of the party’s votes in Bavaria in yesterday’s elections, but not maturity!) Cherry on the cake developers are fun air filtration system in the cabin. On the front panel and between the front seats under a transparent coating in the car lives Icelandic moss. Filtering, according to the manufacturer, not less than 20% of fine dust of artificial origin. Here, alas, I don’t know how to more accurately translate the capacious German “Feinstaub”, which includes diesel diesel exhaust particles ( nitrogen compounds, sulfur oxides, and other joys of incomplete combustion in the cycle of the internal combustion engine ) - as well as urban smog, residues from the blackjack braking at traffic lights and other all-other-other components of the notorious China_Air_Kirpich.

    9. To reduce the cost of development, a startup uses components that are already certified and introduced into a large series from auto suppliers. Thereby saving considerable resources on the development / testing / certification of most parts of the car. [ About the huge, but little-known in the pop-culture world of auto suppliers, you will have to write an article, but a little later - approx. cohesive ed. ]

    10. Serial production will also be located on one of the European (!) Enterprises of one of the leading automotive suppliers - accordingly, saving money on maintaining its own production infrastructure.

    11. The developers guarantee that the installed power batteries will be made in Germany.

    12. The car will be slightly less than the golf class - but certainly more polo class. And at the same time with a very roomy trunk ( visually even more capacious than the Golf ).

    13. And yet - in the standard package will be a mount for the trailer. Which is very uncharacteristic for current e-startups.

    14. And there will be only one delivery option: “all together”. Without configurator. Without alternatives. Guess what is saved? ;)

    15. In addition, the manufacturer undertakes to lay out a lot of similar video instructions for self-repairing the e-car system in full compliance with the DIY principle. And in every way to promote this aspect of the project with the help of the appropriate online parts store.

    16. And the cost. In fact - 16 thousand euros without a power battery. And the battery is leased. Feel interesting nuances?

    Not only that - the guys started in early September, the Central European tour-run. And it is almost finished - but the residents of Munich this week from Tuesday to Thursday can test the car, as it is understood, in the framework of the 360 ​​conference held at the same time - dedicated to, of course, electric cars.

    Do you know what is most interesting?

    That, according to the review below, the cost of ownership and kilometer on this vehicle in the long term, covers "at a profit" and one Tesla and another Tesla. and, it seems, the third Tesla - and in general, all-all-all.


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