HackQuest and Hash Runner Contests: Warm Up Your Brains Before PHDays

    Although it’s almost a month before Positive Hack Days V , some of the traditional activities associated with this event will begin much earlier. Today we will talk about how to take part in two popular hacking contests that will start on May 11 and May 15. In addition to memorable prizes, winning teams will receive free invites to the conference!

    Hackquest contest

    Time: from May 11 to May 17

    A dozen tasks that need to be solved in just 7 days are a great opportunity to tune in to the right wave before delving into the hardcore reports of the PHDays forum. This year's main topic of HackQuest is the Web! Charge your toolkits and scanners: if the first flags are taken in one sitting, then you will have to snarl with the last. This year, ONsec is again preparing the contest, which over the 6 years of its existence has completed more than 200 projects to analyze the security of web resources, and the prototypes of the bugs found have become the main for HackQuest tasks. Since 2013, the company has been developing Wallarm, a solution for the continuous protection of web applications from hacker attacks and searching for vulnerabilities in them - it has been successfully used in dozens of organizations and Internet companies whose services are used by millions of people every day.


    • 1 place. Valuable prize, 4 invites to the forum
    • 2nd place. Souvenirs, 3 invites to the forum
    • 3rd place. Souvenirs, 2 invites to the forum
    • 4-10 places. Invite to the forum

    How to participate: hackquest.phdays.com (the site will open a few days before the start of the competition)
    As it was before: HackQuest at PHDays III

    Hash Runner Competition

    Time: May 15 (19:00 UTC + 3) to May 18 (19:00 UTC + 3)

    Participants will be provided with a list of hashes generated by various algorithms MD5, SHA-1, BlowFish, GOST3411. Points for each cracked hash will be awarded depending on the complexity of the algorithm, the length and membership (for example, a dictionary or generation) of a hashed value. To win, it is necessary not only to have access to serious computing power (video cards, FPGAs), but also - ideally - to put together a combat team that can compete with competitors such as InsidePro , hashcat and john-users . Nevertheless, any Internet user will be able to take part in the competition, alone or as part of a team.


    • 1 place. ATI R9 295x2 video card, Quad-Spartan 6 LX150 FPGAs (4 pieces), invites to the forum for the whole team
    • 2nd place. FPGAs Quad-Spartan 6 LX150 (2 pieces), invites to the forum for the whole team
    • 3rd place. FPGA Quad-Spartan 6 LX150, invites to the forum for the whole team

    How to participate: hashrunner.phdays.com (the site will open a few days before the start of the competition). Communication with the organizers: hashrunner@phdays.com
    As it was before: analysis of Hash Runner tasks on PHDays IV

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