10 useful frameworks that a developer needs to know about

Original author: Emily Heming
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The constant creation and development of dynamic cross-browser websites and applications requires going beyond standard techniques. Fortunately, there are several frameworks on the network that provide everything developers need in order for them to increase the efficiency of their work and their developments. Most importantly, frameworks offer flexible solutions and opportunities to save valuable time.

1) UIkit


99% of usability problems arise due to the slow response of web interfaces. It is very important to create quick interfaces. UIKit is useful for this. It is lightweight, modular, and ideal for front-end development. Provides a rich set of HTML, JavaScript and CSS components.

2) Reveal.js


Would you like to create nice presentations in HTML? Want to add dvizhuhi transitions between slides? This can be done using Reveal.js. It helps create presentations optimized for touch devices that look nice everywhere. There is a choice of transition effects - Fade, Zoom and so on.

3) TouchStone.js


For those who want to develop beautiful hybrid mobile applications. Touchstone.js is powered by React.js, and has features such as native behavior for touch screens, navigation features, form components, and more.

4) Skel.js


A lightweight framework that helps you create responsive website and application designs. It contains a rich set of features. What can he do:

  • CSS grid system
  • Responsible handler
  • CSS Shortcuts
  • Plugin system

5) Foundation


Another good frontend framework loved by many responsive design developers. This framework helps to develop sites quickly. It has many features - responsive grid, snippets, buttons and other interface components. This is an open source project available on Github.

6) Whiteboard Framework


Allows you to create a WordPress theme without too much action. The minimalist design makes it simple and easy to make a theme without unnecessary features. Includes code that optimizes the usability of the theme, support for mobile devices and SEO.

7) Mootor

mootor.voolks.com An

HTML5-based framework for developing a minimal mobile app design.

8) Knockout

knockoutjs.com The

ideal framework for developers creating a simplified interface using JS based on the Model View View (MVVM) template. Library on pure JS, working in conjunction with any server or client technology and in any modern browser.

9) Base

matthewhartman.github.io/base A responsive

framework based on Normalize.css. Works with old and modern browsers. Contains only the essentials for creating themes from scratch for any device.

10) WordPress Plugin Boilerplate 3.0


The third version of the framework, which was almost completely redone, presents an improved structure for developing quality WordPress plugins. To facilitate the work, all functions include explanatory comments. In the latest version there are classes for everything - plugin activation, deactivation, internationalization, and so on.

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