In one of the shops AvtoVAZ found a farm for mining

    The security service of AvtoVAZ, the corporate newspaper of the Volzhsky Avtostroitel car factory, has encountered intellectual crime. A mysterious intruder, two years mine mine cryptocurrency, hiding and powering the farm in the electrical cabinets of the 19th hall of the control of conveyors. Mineil employee is quite successful.

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    “Security experts have found that the intruder used a communication channel to the Internet using a USB 4G modem for the operation of the crypto farm, thereby gaining remote access to his equipment. According to the event log of the investigated control unit, the crypto farm has operated since November 2017.

    I also managed to get to the electronic cryptographic wallet. In the transaction logs, transactions from August 2016 to May 2018 were recorded for a total equivalent of more than 1.2 million rubles.

    It is estimated that, with an average electricity consumption of one device of about 1,000 kW per month, AvtoVAZ’s total expenses for stolen electricity from November 2017 amounted to over 600 thousand rubles. If we assume that the crypto farm has existed here since 2016, then this number will increase significantly ... "- writes" Volga Avtostroitel ".

    According to a representative of AvtoVAZ, the identity of this employee has already been established and law enforcement agencies are currently working with him.


    Strange. that the farm’s working periods didn’t fight in the messages - for 1 year or 2 years, everything worked for them there unnoticed ... As an option, they started monitoring the energy costs less than a year ago and found inconsistencies in the meter readings and the estimated consumption of working equipment.

    It is interesting what kind of configuration the IS farm was found there and, after all, it also needed to be camouflaged and maintained.

    And the allegedly “caught” excess consumption per device on a 1000 kW counter per month is 1.3 kWh - not enough for a simple farm even. It may not have figured out finally how much the farm ate it. And how many node devices in the farm was not explained.

    In the comments below, I tried to count all the same composition as the farm:
    Ie There were several devices on the farm that consumed every 1000 kW, and how many devices - 600,000 rubles / 12 = 50,000 rubles / 6 rubles per 1 kW = 8333 kW. Those. approximately 8-9 nodes in the farm were, as an option.

    Usually, equipment / parts are “taken out” from factories, and then the employee himself brought it, unrolled it and used it for a long time. And if there was one employee at all. After all, even a simple farm needs to be bought and deposited inside the perimeter of the enterprise, for example, such:

    And if this employee used existing server equipment, etc. of the enterprise itself, then there is already IT staff in business ...

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