The founders of Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook lost more than $ 30 billion during the collapse of the stock exchanges.

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    This week was hard for stock exchanges around the world. The US Dow Jones index on Wednesday collapsed by about 832 points - the third in its scale its collapse in history. The S & P500 also lost about 3.3%.

    Especially difficult situation for technology companies. Fortune Edition calculated the loss of the founders of public companies. It turned out that American billionaires, including Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg and others lost more than $ 30 billion of their fortunes in just a couple of days. Here, who suffered the hardest.

    Jeff Bezos (- $ 21 billion)

    The founder of Amazon and the richest man in the world and lost more than others. The assessment of his fortune fell from $ 161 billion to $ 140 billion by Thursday. Such losses did not push him from the top, but according to Fortune analysts, Amazon’s focus on consumer products could lead to further problems - this market suffers more than others from the US trade wars other countries.

    Bill Gates (- $ 3.9 billion)

    Microsoft’s co-founder, who had long since moved away from business, becoming a philanthropist and patron of the arts, ranks second in the list of the world's rich. At the same time, Gates lost a significant percentage of his fortune — in just a week, it decreased from $ 98.7 billion to $ 94.8.

    Larry Page (- $ 3.8 billion)

    One of the founders of Google, unlike Gates, still takes part in the life of the company, retaining the role of the "gray cardinal". The media actively writes about how Page manages various projects, publicly remaining in the shadows. In any case, the past week of falls did not bypass the Alphabet corporation that owns Google - as a result, Page's condition decreased $ 57.10 to $ 53.30.

    Sergey Brin (- $ 3.6 billion)

    Another founder of Google has a comparable state and lost a similar amount in exchange turbilance over the course of a week. The size of the state of Bryn from $ 55.6 billion fell to $ 52 billion

    Steve Ballmer (- $ 2.4 billion)

    Ally Bill Gates, for several years not working in Microsoft. His condition also declined - a week ago he was the happy owner of $ 42.50 and the NBA team LA Clippers, now there is a team and $ 40.1 billion

    Mark Zuckerberg (- $ 2.1 billion)

    Despite Facebook's problems in the public domain — from investigations by the authorities to hacking and data leaks, Mark Zuckerberg lost less than his billionaire counterparts in the technology industry. The status of the founder of Facebook has decreased from $ 62.9 billion to $ 60.8 billion.

    According to Fortune, the richest people in the world have lost about $ 50 billion over the past week. At the same time, some markets began to recover by the end of the week, so soon the losses of the owners of the largest companies can be reduced.

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