New javascript tutorial engine on IO.JS in open source

    Hi everyone,

    Like many, I wrote only high-performance services on Node.JS for a long time, but when the generators did at 0.11 and several of my colleagues confirmed that they work on production, I decided to create a new JavaScript tutorial on this platform.

    The convenience of generators for asynchronous JS code is hard to overestimate. If desired, it becomes “flat”, fewer letters than pure promise / async.

    I wanted to make the engine fast, easy to develop and be able to run some modules on both the server and the client.

    It turned out, if I didn’t mess up the calculation, about 24,000 lines of code (without third-party node_modules).

    The written site engine is open source. In the repository, you can watch and borrow various aspects of the implementation.

    There are:
    - Authorization through social networks.
    - Sending mail and newsletters through the Mandrill API.
    - Build styles and scripts on webpack.
    - Acceptance of payment via Paypal, Webmoney, Interkassa, Yandex.Money.
    - Logging through bunyan
    - Deploy through PM2
    - Much more is needed for a real-life project.

    You can see the action on , well, or locally raise it under Mac / Linux.

    The code is written by one person, and with the expectation that this one person will support it. Therefore, a minimum of documentation, and I wrote tests only where more difficult. On the other hand, if you wanted to take a look at how the site might look like on io.js / koa.js - here it is before your eyes.

    I was going to write a post about its features, basic architectural solutions, but it turned out so long that I had to abandon this idea. If you have questions, I will try to answer them.

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