Google is still going to launch a censored search service in China

    Google has been operating in China for quite a while. For several years, everything happened - for example, conflicts with the leadership of the country. The fact is that Chinese law prohibits search engines operating in the country from displaying queries on a number of keywords. Previously, Google refused to comply with the requirements for the introduction of censorship in the Chinese version of the service.

    But now, it seems, something has changed. Recently it was reported that the company will still launch a “special version” of a search service in China, and this will happen over the next 6-9 months. Journalists learned about this from decoding the protocol of a business meeting of Google employees, dedicated to creating a search engine with censorship.

    The meeting was not ordinary, one of the top managers of the company congratulated the team of the project, called Project Dragonfly, with excellent results. In particular, he said: “While we are talking about launching for 6–9 months, things can change.” The representative of the corporation had in mind the political mood all over the world and in China in particular, which may well change some plans of a technology company, including plans to launch various projects.

    The speaker also said that employees should be ready to start the project as soon as the “window opens”. All this is contrary to the theses of another high-ranking employee of Google, who spoke to Congress last month. Then he tried to reduce the filament regarding the discussion of "search engine with censorship."

    In particular, it was stated that now the corporation is simply exploring the idea of ​​creating a specialized version of the search engine, and all this will not be launched very soon, if at all. Moreover, the Congress heard that the corporation had not yet fully shaped the contours of the project, plus its scale was unknown.

    Now, representatives of the corporation told reporters that recently the study of some aspects of the creation of such a search engine was completed, but there are still no clear and definite plans for launching.

    The very project of launching a search service with censorship has many opponents. One of them is the US government, which puts Google in a rather awkward position. US Vice President Mike Pence announced that an increasing number of successful business leaders are thinking about the future. In particular, about the possible redistribution of the Chinese market. The vice president believes that the project to create a censored search service should be immediately closed.

    Now it became known that Google already has a test version of the new search service, and soon it will begin to be tested. As for the search service itself, it is really quite “specific”. So, among its other functions - a request to the user with setting the phone number, determining the user's IP and determining the location.

    Most likely, the corporation decided to launch a new type of search service because of the huge number of users it will be able to attract in China. So, the main incentive for the development of the company is an increase in the number of users of Google services. Now, according to the company's calculations, about 5 billion adults live in the world, so why not get hold of a new customer base by connecting them to your services?

    At the notorious meeting, employees were told that China is one of the most interesting markets, most likely even the most interesting and large-scale market in the whole world. Now the overwhelming majority of Chinese people use fashionable gadgets, being active users of the network.

    The project itself has been developed since 2017. Initially - as a test. And after that, when the test showed certain results, the team began to engage in a search engine project with censorship more actively. By the way, in July, Google employees were warned that the company plans to launch a new search service as soon as possible.

    As you can see, Google is ready for much in the pursuit of new users and profits. It seems that the company has already refused some of its principles stated earlier, despite the fact that Google resisted the same censorship in China for many years.

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