Webix 2.3. Spring update

    Not so long ago, a post on the release of the new version number 2.3 appeared on the blog of the developers of this JavaScript library. Updates are good, no doubt. But, looking out the window at Late Martovskaya street, it’s not quite clear what to choose: deal with new available options or instead take a leisurely stroll under the fragile spring sun, noting the already imminent arrival of the long-awaited summer and breathing eagerly with all your gut everywhere the smell of spring and revival? The question is not simple. Need to understand.

    Material design

    Firstly, good news for lovers of candy , the number of which (lovers, not candy) is likely to increase even more immediately after the release of Android 5.1.1, in which, apparently , the sensational memory leak problem will finally be fixed. Webix developers decided to bask in the glory of the glory of the new Material design from Google and rolled out their Material skin:

    They promise a nice interface, bright colors and responsive design. Those who are not used to believing promises can see for themselves how this is true on the demo page . Bad news for sloths: the miracle skin will not be included in the library, you will have to go to github for it .

    New notification icons for buttons and menu items

    But even Material skin fades in the face of the next killer features! Now you can add a tidy little orange icon (OH, WOW !!!) to the menu items and buttons on the page. You can use them to indicate the number of new notifications, unanswered emails from your ex or anything else that may come to your mind:

    Demo page also available.

    Organogram widget

    It sounds intimidating, but it’s actually a widget for building hierarchical diagrams:

    If you’ve already used Webix Tree before , it’s easy to learn this thing. You can also change the appearance to your liking: size, alignment, everything that the soul desires. For aesthetes, you can change the style using CSS. You can stick here .

    Barcode widget

    Times are not easy now. You have to spin as you can. For those of you who decide to set up your own candle factory, a barcode generator may come in handy. You can generate barcodes that meet the most popular standards: EAN8, EAN13 and UPC-A.

    You can use, for example, like this:

    		view: "barcode",
    		id: "barcode",
    		type: "ean13",
    		value: "123456789012"

    And, in fact, the result:


    And finally, the news for those who use TypeScript . Starting with version 2.3, Webix allows the use of a predefined type definition file. You can download the file directly , you can use NuGet or another package manager.


    The release is interesting. There are innovations that will be interesting to many, for example Material skin. The fifth version of the mobile OS from Google is gaining momentum and it would not be out of place to think about giving your web applications the look familiar to users by their mobile OS. Some of the chips may seem to be of little use to most of you. When, for example, was the last time you used organograms in your projects?

    A complete list of changes can help bring final clarity . Those who constantly use the library will like working on bugs: the list of fixes is rather rather big. Download the library here .

    That’s probably all ...

    Oh yes! Answering the question posed at the very beginning of the article: just take your laptop with you for a walk.

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