Arduino-based wristwatch created on a 3D printer in one Saturday evening

    In a previous post, I talked about how to make a filling for an Arduino-based light alarm .
    Today I will share a description of another simple solution. The fact is that I wanted to create on a 3D printer something for myself, individual, personal, not too primitive, and that would please. The idea was chosen - to make a watch. And there is a benefit from them, and they look unusual. As a result, he did everything in one breath and in just a few hours. It turned out a good accessory. Judge for yourself.

    To create a watch, I took:
    1. MP2864 OLED module - OLED display
    2. Arduino Micro controller or MasterKit clone - MB MICRO
    3. LP502030 lithium battery or suitable in size (30x20 mm) for voltage 3.7 V and capacity 250 mAh
    4. Four micro-buttons
    5. And a bit of thin mounting wire.

    The housing is made of components printed on a 3D printer.
    Only ten details. STL files of these parts can be downloaded from our website .

    The detail track_mod.stl is the link for the watch strap. You will need to print 4 or 5 links depending on the size of the hand.

    Detail of bat_platform.stl for battery

    Detail of clamp1.stl lock for strap

    Detail of clamp2.stl lock for strap

    Detail of clock_platform.stl designed to install an OLED display on it

    Detail of micro_platform.stl designed to install an Arduino Micro controller Connected the

    links to each other with an M3 x 45 screw with a self-locking nut.


    All electrical connections must be made on the back of the watch. Before you install the Arduino Micro controller in the appropriate plastic link, you must unsolder all the pin connectors from the board. Button K1 enables / disables the display. This is done to increase battery life. By the way, the time of continuous operation with a 250 mAh battery is 6 hours (if the display is constantly on).
    Sketch for hours download from here .

    Work video

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