Microsoft goes to the strike! Details of our participation in the conference

    The strike conference , held in the glorious city of Ulyanovsk, has long been loved by our Microsoft team. We could not miss it in this 2015, once again becoming the general sponsors of this wonderful conference.

    This year our wonderful colleague Laurent Ellerbach from the Microsoft European office, who holds the position of the leading program manager for working with technical audiences at the company, will look at the Strike.


    At the Strike, Laurent will take part in the opening of the conference and, as part of his speech, will share with the participants his knowledge about the Internet of Things (IoT) using a real-life example of a home automated system with a complete description of the methodology for creating Internet of Things projects: objects, infrastructure, data analysis and research. As part of the presentation, participants will learn more about various components like Arduino and Netduino, as well as the use of cloud technologies for the effective construction of IoT projects.

    I’ll be happy to make a couple of presentations on the topic of cloud technologies - Vladimir Yunev. At Microsoft, I work as an expert in strategic web and cloud technologies.


    On the first day at the Strike, I will present the report “Introduction to cloud technologies, how to use it correctly in Russia”, touching upon important topics of the proper use of the cloud in our country. Separately, on the second day, I will tell the audience a report on the organization and effective use of a single cloud backend for all mobile platforms.

    In addition, we will organize a traditional Microsoft booth with various activities and the opportunity to win prizes and learn a lot. Come to the conference - it will be very interesting!

    About the strike conference

    The conference traditionally takes place two days and this year will be held April 10-11. Strikes has a rich program of six sections and parallel report tracks: Digital-communications, Technical, Management and education, Mobile development, Content, E-commerce.

    Details of the conference and the schedule of reports can be found on the official website .

    See you at the strike! :-)

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