We invite you to participate in the Security Meetup on April 9

    We invite experts in the field of Internet security, as well as everyone interested in this topic, at our next Security Meetup, which will be held on Thursday, April 9, at 19:30. The evening promises to be full of interesting and relevant information, the program has five reports on vulnerabilities and various aspects of their exploitation.

    Maxim cdump Andreev , a Mail.Ru Cloud team programmer, a participant in various bug-bounty programs, will talk about the WPAD proxy automatic configuration protocol and what it might be interesting from the point of view of an attacker, as well as share new ways to intercept user traffic using WPAD .

    Dmitry Bo0oM Bumov, one of the most active bug bounty hackers of the Mail.Ru Group program and a participant in other vulnerability search programs, with his inimitable inimitable wit, will tell you that looking for bugs is not only difficult, but also fun. In addition, he promises to analyze in detail the most unusual of the specimens he found.

    Ilya Safronov , Deputy Head of Audit and Consulting at Group-IB , will give a talk on the topic “How I Stopped Afraid and Came to Web Security”, in which I will talk about the hard way to understanding the principles of web application security (and not only), but It will also provide interesting examples from past projects.

    Mikhail Saplt ElizarovHe will share the results of his research on the safety of urban monitoring systems and key vectors of attacks on them, as well as talk about the consequences that penetration into such systems may entail.

    Arkady Litvinenko , an engineer in the information systems security department, will talk about finding photos on social networks using geo-information and will analyze a particular case of using the social services API for competitive intelligence.

    Also in the program is a pleasant company, free communication and delicious pizza. :)

    Security Meetup will be held in the office of Mail.Ru Group at the address: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, 39, Building 79. The beginning of the gathering of guests at 19:00. The first performance is at 19:30. Do not forget to register and bring your passport or driver’s license!

    The broadcast of the event will be available on our website .

    Our hashtag on Twitter is #securitymeetup: it can be used to ask presenters questions.

    UPD: watch videos and presentations from mitap!

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