9 video reviews of various IT solutions

These are videos of presentations on stands that we shot at our exhibition. Almost all videos are live demonstrations of what the speaker is talking about, with instructions on where and how to look for new features of the presented solutions, as well as those “tricks” that few integrators and customers know about, both in software products and in hardware updates.

So, in our program:
  1. HP Helion Presentation
  2. VMware VDI Solutions, Horizon 6 Update Review
  3. Extreme Networks Hardware Update Overview
  4. Little-known features of Windows Server 2012R2, Office 365, Microsoft Azure
  5. Overview of ZyXEL Wireless Optimizer
  6. Samsung's Interactive MagicIWB Solution for Business and Education
  7. IBM SmartCloud Storage Access Overview
  8. EMC ViPR SRM Solution Overview
  9. Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions

Under the cut, each video in a separate window with more detailed annotations.

1. HP Helion Presentation

The talk will focus on HP cloud technologies, in particular, attention will be paid to such a solution as HP Helion , on the contribution of HP to OpenStack, on how HP cloud solutions can automatically solve many problems in setting up and debugging any IT infrastructure.

2. Video Review of VDI VMware Solutions, Horizon 6 Update Review

Under the Horizon brand, VMware introduces end-computing solutions: everything you need for client-server infrastructure jobs. The server part of these solutions is more known, the speaker will focus on the client part. It will be about the architecture of the Horizon solution. The speaker will also show and talk about inconspicuous, but very useful settings for virtual machine administrators, which appeared in the latest version. There will also be a small demo showing how VMware products work in VDI solutions.

3. Overview of Extreme Networks network hardware updates

This video will talk about Extreme Networks networking technologies. How EN equipment can be used to build high-performance, stable, and inexpensive modern networks. About the principles and approaches of EN when building a network infrastructure. About what updates appeared in the line of network equipment, in particular, about the new module with 100-gigabit ports for BlackDiamond and other Extreme switches. It will also be shown how, when a line breaks, an Extreme Networks-based solution does not stop video transmission.

4. Demonstration of little-known features of Windows Server 2012R2, Office 365, Microsoft Azure

The speaker will talk about the capabilities of Microsoft cloud products that for some reason are not always used by customers and integrators. For example, few people know that in Windows Server 2012R2 there is an opportunity to increase the size of a virtual disk without stopping virtual machines, and the speaker will deploy a complex video conferencing system in a few minutes on-air. We are talking about such products as: Windows Server 2012R2, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, there will also be a brief overview of what's new in these products.

5. Demonstration of ZyXEL Wireless Optimizer

The speaker will talk about the ZyXEL Wireless Optimizer utility for calculating the coverage areas of access points. The program takes into account many factors: walls, what they are made of, removal of access points from each other, the height at which they are installed, type of network: domestic, office, medical institution, etc. As a result, you graphically see a picture of your wi-fi network. We will also talk about technologies such as ZyMESH

6. Demonstration of Samsung's MagicIWB Interactive Solution for Business and Education

The touchscreen on the projector screen has long been known, but Samsung offers a more advanced solution. The speaker demonstrated the functionality of the software for interactive presentations. Such solutions are suitable for both business meetings and classroom instruction.

7. IBM SmartCloud Storage Access video demo

At the IBM booth, the IBM SmartCloud Storage Access software and hardware complex was presented . It is a simple, easy-to-deploy, self-service cloud storage software that enables organizations to deploy private cloud storage services. Thanks to this solution, most of the tasks for administering the physical and virtual infrastructure can be automated.

8. EMC ViPR SRM - monitoring of the computing infrastructure of the customer, built on equipment from various manufacturers

At the EMC booth, the Watch4net solution was demonstrated . This software allows you to see the operational characteristics of networks, data centers and cloud infrastructures for the previous period, currently in real time and in the future when performing design work. The solution provides information on current, historical and forecasted performance indicators. Watch4net helps customers successfully cope with the most complex management tasks of both the physical and virtual IT environments.

9. Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions

The demonstration will feature Dell Desktop Virtualization (DVS) solutions. They provide an opportunity to overcome traditional difficulties with the start of using desktop virtualization. DVS provide simplified, scalable, better integrated virtualization. Simplified and secure access to virtual desktop resources is provided with the help of specialized thin, zero and cloud clients Dell Wyse.

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