And for whom are you Habrahabr

And it’s more pleasant to hurt when they are waiting for your recovery as a holiday.
A.P. Chekhov
And yet for whom?
And as I understand it.

I’ve registered about myself and why, I’ve registered on a habr recently, although I read articles almost from the very beginning, I want to share mine and hear other opinions, and understand how social Habr is, corresponds to my purpose and my understanding, I will read and correct the text after publication, otherwise I won’t publish it, I want to note right away that I’m not a rebel ... First, about the main thing

About the site
Habrahabr has a unique model of collaborative creativity that allows people to collect and structure information, highlighting the most useful and valuable from it. Using the mechanisms laid down in the project, users independently vest each other with rights, giving or limiting opportunities.
The global goal of the project is to help people develop professional skills and inform each other about what is happening in the information technology industry.
As I understand it
I'll try to figure out the definition of keywords, if correct correct.
In "Habrahabr" the unique model of joint creativity is incorporated
  • Unique - one of a kind, unique, existing in one instance
  • A model is a whole made up of parts, the study of which serves as a means to obtain information about something.
  • Joint - collectively carried out various actions to obtain a common result.
  • Creativity - (creativity) is a process that creates qualitatively new material and spiritual values ​​or the result of creating an objectively new one.
allowing people to collect and structure information
  • Allowing - giving opportunity.
  • Collect - bring together, focus, accumulate something in some place.
  • To structure information - to create groups of elements on some logical basis.
highlighting the most useful and valuable from it.
  • Allocate - select something according to some attribute.
  • Useful - suitable for any purpose.
Using the mechanisms laid down in the project, users independently vest each other with rights,
  • Use - consume or spend something for something.
  • The mechanism - the internal device of the machine, device, apparatus, bringing them into action.
  • Independently - independent - not subordinate, dependent; independent, free ..
  • endow - endow , endow, distribute provide, give something, provide ...
  • rights - the right, the opportunity of one’s choice to perform certain actions or to refrain from taking them.
The global goal of the project is to help people develop professional skills.
  • the goal is what they strive for, what must be realized.
  • to help - to promote something or to contribute to someone’s activity, to participate, knowingly act
  • to develop - the process of achieving previously not achieved results.
  • skills are actions that, as a result of a long repetition, become automatic.
and inform each other about what is happening in the information technology industry.
the proposal is not consistent, a typo, I read how,
, allow (provide an opportunity) the community to inform each other about what is happening in the information technology industry
  • allow - allow, give an opportunity, give something, allow
  • inform - Give (give) information to someone about something.
  • what is happening - resulting from the development, transformation of something.
  • information technology - Information technology - processes, methods for searching, collecting, storing, processing, providing, disseminating information and methods for implementing such processes and methods.

Logical analysis of phrases, from keywords, the first paragraph.
a unique model of collaborative creativity that allows you to collect structured information while highlighting the useful.
using mechanisms independently give rights
  • unique model - Controversially - there are already many clones and not only
  • co-creation - Controversial - criticism helps rule but not create
  • allowing to collect structured information - Partially - to collect as favorites, but how can I structure it, and my favorites are not mine at all
  • highlighting the useful - Partially - I do not understand how this is implemented, except for evaluating articles and comments, repeating the previous paragraph
  • using mechanisms independently give rights - Partially - by birth I have more rights, something is not finalized

Second paragraph
goal to help develop skills to inform information technology developments
  • goal to help develop skills - Controversial - besides providing a site, what else? - the community, yes it is so organized that it is silent, if possible, I myself am silent
  • to let you know about what is happening in the world of information technology - Works if the keyword "allow"

This is just my subjective opinion.

Well - I talked about who is to blame.;). He is right who has more rights, and who is guilty of responsibilities.

Quiet, boring, damp and dark, not like before.
Yesterday I wanted to read and even began to read an article. Habr is dying? , to understand, think and write others on this issue, but decided that I would grab someone else's thoughts, read it later.

I’ll try to explain - the Internet was once very small, and the addresses of websites were written on business cards, - it’s cool
when there is more information - garbage,
search engines have added a bit of order, then social networks and so on and so forth.

Now remember, for example, Google ten years ago, or Facebook is almost our (habrahabr) peer, and what are they now?

It is necessary to change - of course, consistently and thoughtfully, most likely someone will tell me to remember the Habr ten years ago, and someone that everything happened historically and will be right, I don’t say that we stand still, but maybe we do little or not, maybe not, or maybe not when necessary, the main thing is that not later, any society is obliged to regulate itself and respond to the successes and problems of its inhabitants.

In case there is nothing to change, I tried to improve something.

For example, I would announce a contest for the best editor for the site, or something else.

I tried to stir up the authorities, give them a negative rating for the lack of activity - for example, more than a year, maybe then someone can be contacted.

I used the energy of the young and the hot - I would give some weight to each of their comments and let them think that they will write or lose to write.

I would have allowed to vote not by fixed karma, but from the ratio of the karma of the appraiser and the appraised, respectively, the weight of the vote, and it’s not scary if I can add one hundred thousandth to the bastard, it usually doesn’t matter, the main thing is to be able to express my opinion, and not it’s important about what - the article, the commentator or his statement, the main lack of a feeling of helplessness, cannot even thank one another, or there’s something like a spoon, but there’s nothing to pay for the mess.

Negative voices - I would make comments, an individual not only creates a society, he also destroys it. - if you punish someone, at least explain why, it would relieve youth’s tension.

It would be nice to think about the rating of articles, comments, and users, I would share them - for example, the author of the worst comment, but the best article. or ... or ...

These or - proposals I think there will be many how many people there are so many opinions, I ask you to speak out and offer I think UFO reads topics and can find something useful for itself, and then the amount will turn into ... quality;).

Let me remind you once again that I didn’t correct or re-read the article before publication, and I won’t be able to see it from the outside, I wrote as a letter to a friend, from the bottom of my heart, typos and errors are possible, I’ll correct it tomorrow or in PM.

Good luck to all.
I wanted to write in the heat of the day about auto-correctors, styling checks, etc.

But I thought, and that's enough, confusion.

I hope I didn’t break any rules.

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