Game Industry News Digest: February-March

    Spring is the time to replenish the arsenal of knowledge and set about creating something unbelievable. Especially for this, we have collected the latest information from the world of video game development.

    Creating games

    At they told how to avoid visual confusion in games.
    Game mechanics: how to create hockey AI games.
    HTML5 Mobile Development - Report from Brisbane Game Tech Meetup.
    How to create a dust effect in Unity.
    Tips and tricks for optimizing skeletal animation.
    Persistent Mapped Buffers in OpenGL is a new way to move data from the CPU to the GPU.
    Visual tools for fixing bugs in the game.
    Mikhail Lujanin continues to acquaint us with the mysteries of creating a game using Blend4Web.
    An article appeared on detailing how a newcomer can make the first game and sell it on Steam.
    The AuraSoft team has updated its Skyline game engine to version 0.9.2.
    On the GCup portal, you can watch the official lessons of Unity3D and DAZ Studio with translation into Russian.
    Video: IgroMix talked about how to add a game to Steam Greenlight.
    Published updated 2D-games GameSalad designer for the Mac. Version 0.13.6 allows you to use gamepads for Android, Kindle, Fire TV and desktop games on Mac, and the ability to publish projects for Amazon Fire TV has also been added.
    Clockwork Chilli has released its WADE HTML5 game engine , updated to version 2.1.
    The fundamental concepts of the combat system in games.
    An interesting article on mobile game design from


    Phil Spencer talked about plans for Xbox One, HoloLens and Windows 10.
    There was news about streaming games from Xbox One to a computer or tablet with Windows 10.
    Nicholas Daucet told how developers plan to combine PlayStation 4 and Project Morpheus.
    Microsoft CEO Phil Spencer explained why the company is still not racing for VR devices.
    Nvidia introduced the new Titan X graphics card with 12 GB RAM.
    Sony shared their plans for the future.
    SuperData claims that by 2016 there will be around 11 million people using VR devices in the world .
    EA closed the Maxis Emeryville studio , founded in 1987, which has been remembered by many gamers by franchises such as SimCity and The Sims.
    Along with the free UE4 source codes, developers will receive PhysX 3.3.3 C ++ sources as well as tissue and destruction libraries. This means that now all users of UE4 can modify the codes of this physical engine, providing their improvements for inclusion in future versions of PhysX and UE4.
    Epic Games has organized a fairly large fund to support those working with Unreal Engine 4 - Unreal Dev Grants.
    Google has announced new tools for developers on Android.
    Revenues from mobile games will reach $ 34 billion by 2019.
    John Richitello assured that Unity will not be sold in the near future and will remain independent.
    Co-owner of Curve Jonathan Biddle goes into indie development.
    Joan Fanis, who spent 14 years at Ubisoft and created Valiant Hearts, left the company.
    Apple Watch goes on sale April 24th.
    App Annie has published a list of the highest grossing mobile publishers.
    Crytek publishedsome more screenshots of the CryEngine engine.
    Sony closes the PlayStation Mobile.
    WapStart conducted a large-scale study of the Russian mobile Internet audience in 2014.
    The winners of BAFTA in the field of video games became known .
    Phil Harrison leaves Microsoft. For three years he worked as vice president.
    Microsoft leads the console industry to free-to-play.

    This is interesting.

    Oblivion designer, of course, regrets something, but certainly not the famous horse armor for $ 2.
    The author of the Polygon portal touched the final (seemingly) version of the Steam controller.
    Interesting articleabout moral restrictions in stories with a plot .
    The design process for Half-Life.
    Eight classic video game genres that can once again become relevant.
    EA Ginger Maseda told how to attract women to the gaming industry.
    Ten game post-mortem that every developer should read.
    What is required in the game for victory: about skills, luck, yomi.
    Nine rare and underrated genres of video games.
    Hobbygamedev recommend: while you are new to the industry, choose goals that you can do.
    Adriel Wollick told how to use limits and restrictions for their own benefit.
    Honest reviewNvidia GeForce GTX 970.
    Borat Pfeifer advised indie developers not to mess with publishers.
    120 developers staged a Gaim Jam (Train jam) right along the way to the GDC. They managed to create 50 games during a 52-hour journey.
    Nathan Grayson shared his thoughts on the future of Steam Greenlight.
    Portal alistdaily introduced the top 10 video bloggers who talk about games.
    Infographics about how the gaming industry has grown in recent years.
    Must read: 150 useful books for game developers.
    How can an indie developer enter the console market?
    What is Twine?
    Interactivegame music in LittleBigPlanet 3.
    Post-mortem Tropico 5.
    Predictions in the gaming industry: an article on the importance of analytics.
    Independent does not mean lonely. An article on how to build a small indie community.
    Rami Ismail, co-founder and head of the strategic development department at the independent Dutch studio Vlambeer, said what is wrong with the gaming industry and why this is normal.
    Sumoman: The History of the Game's Release on Steam Greenlight.
    Graham McAllister talked about the problems that developers have in determining the target audience of the game.
    Randy Pitchford and Ryu Virasurya discussed the ups, downs and prospects of independent AAA projects.
    The portal conducted a performance analysis of Dying Light.
    The creative director of Plarium dispelled 8 myths about game writers.
    Victor Surkov gave some useful tips to the creators of the game “Slaughter Hockey”.
    On, developers shared their thoughts on updating Unity and free distribution of UE4.
    Why do mobile game developers buy ads on the Super Bowl?
    The CPU editors figured out what Elon Musk and SpaceX needed at a conference of game developers.
    Teig Kelly, a gaming consultant and creator of the popular What Games Are blog, wrote a column for TechCrunchabout the problem of one-day games in the mobile market.
    How indie developers get into publishing publications - VentureBeat editor tips.
    The Verge has published material about how the creators of the popular MOBA game League of Legends fight obscene language and offensive language in in-game chat rooms.
    Nikolay Armonik shared his thoughts on the present and future of virtual reality technologies with the EmpathyBox blog .
    Four developers told what they learned from mobile games, the releases of which did not lead to anything.
    Twelve tips for an indie developer.
    Female characters in runners are more expensive than male ones.
    Magic color:Terry Pratchett and video games.
    Kitchen Riots talked about the profession of gaming analyst.

    VR News

    A bit of discussion on whether VR will be the next “trick” of video games.
    An article on Steam VR has been published on .
    Epic Games and Weta Digital at the exhibition demonstrated the capabilities of the Crescent Bay system , showing a small demo of the Thief in the Shadows game, in which you could meet Smaug.
    Sony may show the first full-fledged games for Project Morpheus during E3 .
    A bit about HTC Vive, Valve's VR system . Harmonix

    Game News is working on Rock Band 4.

    The game will be released this year.
    The game Beyond Eyes was introduced , the main character of which is a blind girl.
    Wasteland 2 will be released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this summer.
    Heat Signature is Tom Francis' second project. In an interview with the Polygon portal, he shared his development story.
    Journalists at the Polygon portal played Boxboy, the latest platform game from Nintendo.
    Danganronpa 3 is already in development , but still in a very early stage.
    A funny game about spiders, which can only be defeated with the help of the moon. Yes, the one in the sky.
    The Exploding Kittens raised more than $ 8 million on Kickstarter.
    Studio Game Freakcreates a game for PS4, Xbox One and PC.
    An archive of old games that run under MS DOS hit the Internet .
    The release of Uncharted 4 was postponed to 2016.
    Moder added a local co-op to Resident Evil: Revelations 2 a week earlier than Capcom did.
    Rockstar again transferred the release of GTA V to the PC.
    The film by Halo, directed by Ridley Scott, can already be seen in digital version.
    Dragon Age: Inquisition was the game of the year according to the SXSW Gaming Awards.
    Elite: Dangerous will be released on Xbox One this year.
    Hotline Miami 2 blocked in Australia.
    Bethesda AnnouncedWolfenstein: The Old Blood.
    Top 20 most popular games of January.
    The development of the sequel Titanfall and its release on different platforms are confirmed.
    Mortal Kombat X will appear on mobile devices.
    This War of Mine is being ported to the iPad.


    news in retelling "Disgusting Men."
    Conference digest from the Polygon portal.
    Gamasutra shared knowledge gained at the GDC.
    Peter Cardwell-Gardner spoke about the pilgrimage to his first gaming conference.
    Alistdaily told what lessons the conference presented.
    Plarium GDC Digest: Part One ,part two.


    The new issue of the DF MAG electronic PDF magazine from Dendy Forever has been published . This magazine is entirely devoted to retro games, emulation and other related topics, one way or another connected with video games and the gaming industry.
    Came FPS №34 magazine.


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