The tenth issue of the journal TsODy.RF

And the caravan is coming ...

To say that the data center industry does not notice what is happening in the economy would be a strong exaggeration. The rise in price of components and service has put many companies, especially Russian integrators, in difficult conditions. But at the same time, there is no panic in the market: the purchase and sale of large facilities takes its course, new sites are commissioned, new data centers are being designed ... It’s just “we need to work, and everything will be fine,” said Olga Ponomareva, general director of Garant -Park-Internet ”and the winner of the DCLady contest.

The main thing that business leaders are trying to save today is the staff of professional professionals. In an interview with “Time for New Opportunities,” Anton Platonov, StoreData’s CEO, emphasizes that no one is being fired at his company, no pay has been reduced, and even a premium fund has been established for the year. And such tactics are not an exception, but rather a rule in the Russian data center industry.

The theme of the current issue of the journal “TsODy.RF” is devoted to maintaining calm and stability. We are talking about testing the engineering infrastructure of data centers - one of the most important stages in creating a high-quality site, which in importance can be compared with tests in the space or aviation industry. A series of articles reveals this topic from different angles - from factory testing laboratories to "rehearsal of the orchestra" at the facility itself. At the same time, the theory is supported by practical recommendations based on the extensive experience of the authors in such events.

New issues have appeared in the current issue. We have a close relationship with the market and have drawn attention to the fact that the industry often encounters conflicts in the legislative field. This is not surprising, because the data center market is in the process of formation, and the formation of the legislative base in this situation is traditionally late. We open the new section “Legal Advice” with a reader’s question. Commented by Anna Danilochkina, vice president of legal affairs of the SAN group. We also invite readers to send questions of interest to, which will be commented on in subsequent issues of the journal.

Another new section, “The Limits of the Law,” is devoted to incidents in the field of legislation. Although in general the high-tech market for data centers behaves in a fairly civilized manner, other stories happen here. How legitimate shareholders lost their assets last year is described in an interview with Alexander Panov, a former manager of Hosting Community, which has now transformed into RU-CENTER Group of Companies.

The column "Engineering Academy" also appears on our pages for the first time. In it, we intend to speak in the language of professionals about new complex breakthrough technologies for building the engineering infrastructure of data centers. The article opens by Sergey Abramov, Corr. RAS, Director of the Institute of Software Systems A.K. Aylamazyan of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Alexander Chichkovsky, General Director of GK "STORUS". It is devoted to the technology of immersion cooling using the example of the IMMERS 880 family of supercomputers. It is gratifying that domestic developments in this area are at the forefront of world science.

And in this issue there are many interesting materials about traveling around the world of data centers. But let our readers know better about this.

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