Yboard - Yii Bulletin Board Engine

    imageAfter working on a terribly clumsy and unpleasant project dedicated to announcements, I wondered what other solutions exist for such projects.

    Of the free ones, as it turned out, there are not so many, the most famous is probably OsClass. Another thing when we talk about paid analogues, there is a wide variety of engines, functionalities and prices for them.

    However, most of these solutions still have the same problems, the code written by a group of developers with their own preferences and skills, it is sometimes very difficult to redo and support third-party developers. That is, after buying the engine, you get a black box in which no one wants to climb. There are no specialists of such a narrow focus.

    Some engines had serious limitations and poor functionality that prevent them from being used out of the box.

    The leaders of some projects said that, after acquiring the engine and long dances with a tambourine around it, I had to drop everything and start the project from scratch.

    In order not to repeat this thorny path, it was decided to develop the project based on the Yii framework, and make it open and free. The development focus is on versatility, code availability, and performance.

    The engine is available for download at github.com/vencendor/yboard.

    Demo and engine information can be found on yboard.org.

    Also, through GitHub, you can assist in the development of the project.

    Functionality and capabilities of the board:
    • Adding ads by registered users
    • Multi-level tree of categories
    • Fast work of categories through the use of Nested Set technology
    • Additional fields for ads are adjusted for each category
    • Administration of banners and advertising codes
    • Users, authorization, registration
    • Authorization via social networks
    • Private messages between by users
    • Search by ads
    • Feedback module
    • Easy installation of the engine
    • Search by ads
    • Support for multilingualism on the site

    Development plans:
    • Selected announcements
    • Complaint system and handling
    • Blacklist of users, ban on the site
    • User rating of advertisers
    • System for adding news and articles
    • Geo-dependency, determining the user's place of residence,
    offering ads from the same locality
    • Mailing module
    • More convenient format for creating project templates
    • Paid services on the site replenishment of personal accounts
    • Directory
    • VIP services, raising announcement, position
    • Multicurrency
    • Tools for working with SEO
    • alert users about the end of time and dis Via ads and paid services

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