Translation of Expressive Javascript in pdf

    Habr, hello.

    Not so long ago, SLY_G published a series of translations of the book Eloquent Javascript (for which many thanks to him). The comments repeatedly raised questions about assembling translations of the book, which, in fact, I did using the Gitbook service - Expressive Javascript , pdf, ePub, mobi and the online version.

    Repository books , pull requests accepted.

    I would like to say a little about the process of preparing a book using the Gitbook service. All material was taken based on posts from the Habr - downloaded them all, pulled out the contents


    a bit of work with regulars and a text replacement tool for converting HTML to Markdown (unfortunately I did not find any ready-made tools that do this), translated the cover and voila. The Gitbook service does the rest.

    Enjoy reading.

    Download at ePUB
    Download at PDF
    Read online

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