Open database of defects in closed software

    We all use programs and from time to time we find errors in them.

    In the case of free software, you can fix the problem in the source code yourself (if you have enough qualifications) or hire a developer who will do it for you. But, unfortunately, using free software is not always possible. It is very difficult to withstand the pressure of others around using proprietary software (such as with Skype: closed, uncomfortable, not available on all platforms, but nonetheless everyone uses it because of the lack of good and popular alternatives). In case of problems in closed software, you can only hope that the manufacturer will fix your problem in the next update.

    I offer a partial solution to the problem.

    Having discovered a problem in the software, the user can behave differently and in my opinion each behavior depends on the user's advancement, the severity of the problem and the person’s proactivity:

    • close your eyes to the problem and live on without noticing it
    • resent every time you run into a problem (no matter how verbally or in social networks)
    • report the error to the manufacturer (it's aerobatics)

    But even if the user is informed about the problem directly to the manufacturer, there is no guarantee that the problem will be fixed in the next update . And, since this is proprietary software, no one but the manufacturer can help the user and he is left alone with his sufferings.

    As a solution, I decided to make an open bug tracker for such problems,
    which could possibly solve several problems:

    • public availability of known bugs in closed software
    • the ability to create statistics on the number of defects in closed software
    • perhaps an additional tool for influencing the manufacturer (everyone sees their open bugs, reputation and all that)
    • in the end it’s more constructively than emotional cries on forums and social networks
    • criteria for buying or using applications (maybe I won’t buy the application if it has a lot of open problems)
    • additional feedback for software producer (?)

    By the way, the creation of this project was preceded by my correspondence with Richard Stallman, in which I wanted to discuss this idea with him.

    After my arguments in favor of creating this project, he replied: “It is an interesting idea - worth a try.”
    Actually after that I did it - Community bug reports .

    If you have bugs that are ignored by software manufacturers, you can add them .

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