Migratory madness

    Hi% username%!

    I want to ask you about one small, rather fantastic, somewhat crazy thing (and at the same time provoke it to be discussed).

    Imagine that one morning when you read the newsletter of your employer company, you see a letter in it that says something unimaginable.

    The management has opened a new project office - not just somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but in the center of the capital of a prosperous European country, and offers you the opportunity to collect things and wander there. Where are your Russian-speaking colleagues most likely to be? Yes, yes, with the help in obtaining a visa, with the help in the selection of housing, with the indexation of the current salary, with other pluses that may be characteristic of this proposal.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    What will be your actions?

    • 60% Escape packing 2040 things
    • 7.5% I will do it soon 257
    • 20.2% Thinking hard about proposal 688
    • 5.2% Just thinking about proposal 177
    • 6.9% I will certainly stay in my homeland 236

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