SummaryJS Issue 5

    Happy Friday 13th, dear JavaScript lovers and professionals.

    I've been running this weekly for a month now. And every week I see an ever smaller number of pluses and a decent number of minuses. In this connection, I had a question: “Is it worth continuing?”. A poll is attached to the article, in which you can indicate your opinion on this matter. And if you don’t like something, feel free to write in the comments or in PM.

    Here. Have a nice weekend. And an interesting learning JavaScript.


    EmberConf 2015
    ng-conf 2015
    3 Reasons to Love React
    Advancing JavaScript without breaking the web
    Flux Tutorial - Writing a Simple App in Flux and React

    Articles, presentations

    Adding Audio to Web Apps
    Application Architecture with React: rethinking Flux
    Babel: Beyond the Basics
    Boiling React Down to a Few Lines of jQuery
    Container Components
    Developing a web-security mindset
    Getting Started with TypeScript - Classes, Types and Interfaces
    How to Embrace Angular 2.0 Today with a Future-Friendly Angular 1.3 Application
    Lazy live data with React
    React Is A Terrible Idea
    React on the Server
    Smarter CSS builds with Webpack
    Tabbed Navigation with React
    Thoughts on Angular 2 after ng-conf 2015 (and some whisky )
    Why We Are Converting to React

    Tools, libraries

    100-ways-to-die - research on how to drop
    ai2html node server - script to save .ai files in html and css
    all-the-steets - map of all streets of America
    alpha-shape generator - form generator for
    backbone points -nprogress - progress bar nprogress for backbone
    baobab - javascript data trees with
    before-after.js cursors - slider for comparing images “before” and “after”
    biofabric - graph generator for d3
    catalyst - editing “gain” react and sass components
    codepen-react - allows you to use react on codepen
    comws - an interlayer for node, like koa
    domador - dom-parser that outputs markdown
    doppler - motion tracking using the Doppler effect
    EmptyBox - isomorphic blog service on react
    eslint-plugin-angular - eslint-plugin for angular
    essential-gulp-plugins - list of useful plugins for gulp
    essential-react - project template for building test applications on react and es2015
    generator-firefox-extension - yeoman-generator for firefox extensions
    github-with-auth - module to simplify the use of github api
    hublin - free video-conferencing
    service Inject.js - insert html from others resources to your site
    json-native - parser of native types javascript
    kanye - library for working with keystroke events
    minimal-flux - tiny implementation of flux
    NativeScript - framework for writing mobile applications in javascript
    notification-fallback.js - fallback for window.Notification
    OSMBuildings - visualization of buildings on OpenStreetMap
    outpipe - npm-module for writing to a
    pretty-format file - translate any javascript object into a
    radium string - inline styles for react components without css
    react-blur - react component for blurring images
    react-iscroll - react-wrapper over iscroll
    's pivot points react- -'s pivot points-table for the React
    react-style - add style to react-components
    slideout - leaving menus for mobile devices
    threx - the spawn threads in javascript
    Thundercats - implementation of flux, based on rxjs
    typography.js - font selection tool
    UnIndexed - website that removes itself after being indexed
    visualizing-projections - interactive visualizations

    New versions

    ESLint 0.16.2
    espree 1.11.0
    esprima 2.1
    flummox 3.0.1
    grunt-react 0.12.0
    io.js 1.5.1
    react 0.13
    react-hot-loader 1.2.3
    react-to-html-webpack 2.1.0


    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Should I continue to make releases?

    • 11.1% No, that's enough! 43
    • 88.8% Carry on 344

    Do you need so many “tools and libraries”?

    • 67.2% More is better 218
    • 32.7% Less would be 106

    What is the best way to sort links?

    • 20.4% Alphabetically 58
    • 25.3% All according to chronology 72
    • 54.2% of the library in alphabetical order, and the rest in chronology 154

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