Suspension of the system unit under the standing table

    I have been using the standing table for many years. Until that time, he used only laptops. Recently, I bought a system unit, and I had a problem placing it in the workplace. In this article, I will tell you what kind of suspension I have acquired for my system unit and what requirements I had for it.

    Where to put the system integrator

    Let us ask ourselves why I decided to buy it. Well, where can I place the system unit? Option one - just put it on the table. But this is absolutely not my option, because I have monitors on the table and occupy the entire table. The computer is tall, heavy, and my desk is rising, that is, it can just fall off the desk. In addition, it occupies the work surface. Then again, all this accumulation of wires on the table does not suit me at all. Well, so I dismiss this option.

    The second option is to put it on the floor. But here, too, there are certain disadvantages. The table is on my wheels, and sometimes I need to move it. If the computer is on the floor, the wires can be stretched and damaged, and you do not want to disconnect them every time. There will also be an additional danger of hitting the systemist with his foot while walking on the track. Unlikely, but nonetheless. Well, it will potentially collect more dust, even if it has filters.

    Therefore, of course, right away when I planned to buy a system unit, I decided to hang it under the table.

    Which suspension to choose

    First you need to decide on the technical requirements, namely, the supported sizes of the system unit (as I said, I have a midi tower aerocool aero 800 case), and the maximum weight held (and the weight of my computer is about 20 kg). All this will be fixed by screws, and it is necessary that they withstand all this huge weight, plus the weight of the suspension itself. Therefore, I immediately wanted to reject the suspensions with fasteners on four self-tapping screws, concentrated in one point. This is very risky, and the system unit in no case should not fall. That is, the mount must be of high quality and safe .

    The following wish is a type of attachment. That is, there were two options: rack(This is when the system unit is on the stand) and the belt unit (that is, when the PC is tied with straps). I wanted it to be a rack-mount option, because in this case, if I need to somehow maintain the computer, I will do it without removing it from the stand, but simply loosening the suspension bracket and removing the side cover. If he is tied with straps, this automatically means that I can’t serve him in any way, since I’ll have to remove him completely, disconnecting all the wires. And it does not suit me.

    In addition, these two belts need to be aligned with each other, well, and it is very difficult for one person to do this: hold the system unit with one hand, and push the belts through the mounts with the other hand. The rack options were of different types: with discrete latches and with a continuous, adjustable hex key.

    The next requirement, or rather the wish, is for it to spin . This is very convenient when you need something to insert into the back panel. You can slightly turn it to yourself and not poke your head between the wall and the system officer.

    The presence of the tray is like a wish. It is not necessary, but it would be convenient to push the system unit deeper or push it closer, depending on the situation.

    Well, the most important requirement is the possibility of suspension underspecifically my table. What features should have such a suspension? As you have known for a long time, I have a standing table, and crossbars of the table frame pass under the tabletop . To mount something there, for example, tray, you need to either narrow the frame legs, which is unacceptable for me, or mount it somewhere in an awkward place behind the crossbars, which makes sense of the tray and is also unacceptable for me, since I have a cable -channel. Well, or use a special device that somehow lowers the plane of the mount with special brackets. This requirement discards a lot of models.

    I found several models with spacers, but almost all of them at the same time did not have the requirements that I mentioned above.

    But in the end, I found an option that suits me: it combines both a spacer, a rack-mount type of suspension, and the possibility of rotation, and the presence of a track. The only option was the suspension from TheHumanSolutions (they are the Uplift desk) and it is called CPU128 .

    But, unfortunately, this product is sold only in America and I had to use the services of a well-known mail forwarder. It cost me with delivery of about 15 thousand rubles.

    Final result

    Directly in the assembly of the spacer is nothing complicated, but here it was very difficult to attach it to the table. It is very heavy, and it was necessary to hold it with one hand, climbing under the table, and with the other hand, at the same time, outline the drill points, and at the same time try to prevent anything from moving. And it was very difficult - hands instantly get tired. But I used special methods and coped with this task, as a result I have everything aligned to the millimeter accuracy!

    I chose the place specifically so that when the table was lowered, the sistemnik would not rest on the track, that is, it would be to the right. But it was also impossible to mount it all the way to the right, otherwise he would not be able to turn because of the leg of the table frame. In the end, I chose the optimal place. The computer does not bother me when I walk, if I need to, I can go to the side, turn it and get convenient access to the connectors, and if necessary, also from under the table. If anything, I can push the system unit forward, turn it fully sideways, remove the cover, carry out maintenance and push it back.

    I got all the buns that I wanted, and now I can enjoy working with him. All this looks very neat and fits the color of the system unit case. So I can safely recommend it to you. I hope it was interesting, thank you for your attention.

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