Mofiria - Sony Vein Authentication System

    Sony's biometrics division of Japan has developed a new user authentication method. If earlier in most systems surface layers were used, i.e. fingerprints, now the company has decided to look deeper and check users for the individual arrangement of blood vessels in the fingers.

    The new system can be built into mobile devices this year, they say in Sony.

    The development, called Mofiria, is based on a compact camera system that uses specialized CMOS sensors to shine through fingers and obtain user biometric data. The data transmitted by the cameras are specially compressed and transmitted to the processing system for their decoding. The standard version of the authentication system also contains a compact storage device, so the system can store information about several users.

    The company’s statement said the new technology is more accurate than simply reading fingerprints or the retina. The pattern of veins differs not only from person to person, but also from finger to finger, so it will not be easy to circle a system called “around the finger”.

    From the user's point of view, the new system is also convenient - you do not need to remember any passwords for access, the vein pattern remains unchanged for years.

    According to the developer, the false detection rate in the first version of the system does not exceed 0.1%, and scanning takes only 0.015 seconds when using a desktop processor and 0.25 seconds on a modern mobile phone.

    In particular, Sony this year is going to equip its mobile devices with new technology.

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