TeamWox - a new product of our company

    We are pleased to announce that on February 1, our company released a new product - the TeamWox group work system . It took almost two years to develop this product, and now everyone can purchase it.


    TeamWox is a web-server application designed for organizing group work in various companies. The system includes task modules, document management, mail service, customer base, forum, reports and more. This allows you to concentrate all corporate information in one place and better manage your company.

    The system was created to optimize production processes in the enterprise. With it, you can achieve transparency in group work, increase employee productivity and reduce company costs. In addition, the use of TeamWox will allow you to build a consistent position in relation to customers and an effective internal policy.

    Using the SDK, you can expand the functionality of the system or adapt it to the requirements of your company yourself. There is also a special program for module developers - anyone can develop modules for TeamWox and distribute them on a commercial basis.

    “The development of the system was based on five years of experience in the development and use of control systems in various companies. Today, TeamWox is a complete solution that is quickly deployed and delivered at a reasonable price. But, as always, we will continue the active development of the system, and in the near future new functions and modules will appear in its composition, ”said Alexey Piyanin, TeamWox lead developer.

    Additional information on the TeamWox system can be found on the official website

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